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Canadian Speedskater Brittany Schussler Supports Putin

At least that is what some people thought after the tweeted a “Selfie” of herself with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The picture was taken Fiday night.  The Canadian speed skater was just trying to be funny by taking the picture, but alas… many were not laughing. Criticism has been placed on Putin and the Russian […]

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It’s Daylight Savings Time 2012

It’s that time of year again.  Kind of a love hate relationship.  We loose an hour tonight, but that sacrifice will bring seemingly longer days as the sun stays bright later into the day.  Officially Sunday Morning at 2AM the time will shift forward to 3AM leaving us all a little more tired come wake […]

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Josh Powell Kills Self, Two Sons in Home Fire

GRAHAM, Washington – An email apparently left by Josh Powell, to his attorney stating simply “I’m sorry, goodbye,” was received shortly after Powell’s home burned down, killing him and his two adolescent boys inside. Powell’s email revealed that his life had become anything but private over the past two years, ever since his wife disappeared. […]

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British Govt Cuts Affect Single Mothers the Most

A new research said single moms will be most affected by the government’s plan to cut benefits and increase taxes. The group will lose about 8.5 percent of their total earnings after tax by the year 2015. Reduction in public services will also affect single parents worst than any other households since it will cost […]

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Same Sex Marriage Law in New York Triggered Engagements

A lot of cheering gay couples rushed last Saturday to make wedding arrangements that they have been dreaming off for decades after the legislation of same-sex marriage in New York took place. The legislation may actually turn a traditional gay pride parade into a huge engagement party/ Just a few minutes after Democratic Governor of […]

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Physician Guilty of Raping Child Patients

A pediatrician from Delaware was found guilty Thursday on all counts of sexually assaulting and raping child patients; some are as young as three years old. Dr. Earl Bradley of Lewes, Delaware, was found guilty by Judge William Carpenter on all 24 counts of sexual exploitation, sexual assault, and rape during a non-jury trial in […]

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Al-Zawahri to Take Over al-Qaida

Ayman al-Zawahri, second in command to Osama bin Laden, is officially the leader of al-Qaida, the group announced Thursday. Al-Zawhari is said to be the brains behind al-Qaida as he is extremely skilled in logistics and planning. After the declaration of al-Zawahri’s leadership, many analysts are saying that he would probably give a spectacular attack […]

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Gabrielle Giffords Discharged from the Hospital

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was cleared by her doctors to go home from the Houston hospital on Wednesday. Giffords has been staying in the said hospital since January, recovering from the gunshot wound she acquired during a meeting with her constituents in Arizona. Hospital officials said in a statement that Congresswoman Giffords will begin her outpatient […]

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People Vote on New Education Laws in Idaho

The decision to continue new education laws in Idaho will depend on the votes of the people in November, the office of the state’s secretary said on Tuesday. A group that seeks to abolish Idaho’s education reform has gathered enough signatures to put the law before the voters. Based on the given documents late Monday, […]

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Learning Disabilities – Your Edge to College Admission

Most of us jump in to a conclusion that when a person has learning disabilities, he or she will have a particularly difficult time getting admitted to any college. David Montesano, however, insists that we are all clouded by the wrong assumption. Montesano, a college admission strategist, said that based on years of experience in […]

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