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Smoking Ban in New York Parks and Beaches

On Monday, New York City took its smoking ban a notch higher by including beaches and parks in the list of areas within the city where smoking is prohibited. This is still a part of the city mayor’s campaign to encourage healthy habits. The ban is an addition to the 2003 ban on cigarette smoking […]

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Crisis Center in Brazil to Stop Deforestation

On Wednesday, the environmental minister of Brazil said that they have built a crisis center to address the issue of increasing deforestation in the rainforests in the Amazon. Minister Izabella Teixeria told the press that they had to do something to address this issue after data taken from a satellite feed showed a very significant […]

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Alert System for Cellphone Set-up in NYC

The U.S. government and the New York local authorities will soon have access to contact people directly on their cellphones. This technology will allow officials to alert people who are facing a looming problem. Officials said that they can contact individuals even in the midst of a chaos that may jam communication lines. The Mayor […]

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Gamblers from South Korea Jailed for Casino Scam

A South Korean man and woman were sentenced to stay in U.S. prison for no less than a year on Monday. They have been proven guilty of a card-game gambling scam that has cost a casino in Connecticut thousands of dollars last year. The prosecutors said that Young Su Gy, 60, and Wookyung Kim, 34, […]

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Indoor Smoking Ban in China Released

The law that bans smoking in indoor public places in China took effect on Sunday. However, analysts already are predicting that the vaguely defined rules will not have a significant effect on the country’s extremely high tobacco consumption. In a survey conducted by the Chinese Government, smoking is associated to more than a million deaths […]

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Cheese from Human Breast Milk Sampled in New York

A gallery in New York released on Sunday samples of cheese made out of human breast milk. Food lovers with exotic palates offered varied reviews. Others were puzzled and did not know whether or not to have a taste. The Lady Cheese Shop, ran and owned by Miriam Simun, launched the controversial cheese. Simun, who […]

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Floodwaters Almost Overrun Midwest Levees

On Tuesday, a surge of floodwaters threatened to unearth levees that protect the thousands of houses in the Midwest. The water rose so fast, the residents did not even have enough time to defend their houses with piled sandbags. An average of a foot of rain was unleashed across the region and the weather forecast […]

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More Tornadoes are Predicted to Hit More Towns

Extensive storms are feared to once again unleash raging thunder and tornadoes on towns that were already hit by tornadoes last week. Forecasters said that this week’s weather is threatening to dump snow as high as 12 inches on Wisconsin. Severe thunderstorms are also on their way said Accuweather meteorologists. Moreover, they said that hail […]

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43 Dead After Tornadoes Hit Southern U.S.

On Sunday, officials said that the three days worth of vicious storms and tornadoes in the southern part of the country left 43 people dead and ruined hundreds of infrastructures. North Carolina suffered most with 22 people dead. More than 80 people were also injured in the series of tornadoes that hit the area Saturday […]

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Tornado Hits Town in Iowa

Homes and business were severely damaged by a tornado which struck a town in western Iowa on Saturday evening. The torndao was about three-quarters of a mile wide. Almost half of the town had been damaged by the tornado. However, there were no reports of deaths or any serious injuries, according to Mount County Sheriff’s […]

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