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Dick Cheney Apprehensive on Heart Transplant Operation

Dick Cheney, former Vice President of the United States, told “Fox News Sunday” that he has not decided whether or not he will undergo heart transplant.

Cheney added that his physicians told him that they see mark improvement on his health since he was diagnosed with an end-stage heart failure last year. Just last summer, he underwent an operation wherein his body was fitted with a battery-operated medical device which helps his heart pump blood throughout his body.

During his appearance in Fox, the former vice president looked healthier than he appeared just a few months after his summer operation. He also added that he has started working on a book and is planning a fishing trip towards the end of May.

When he was asked whether or not it is safe for him to go fishing with the electrical device attached to his body, 70-year old Cheney jokingly said that he is not supposed to fall in the water.

On a similar note, when the current U.S. President Barack Obama announced that he has decided not to show pictures of Osama’s death, Dick Cheney agreed. Cheney who is not a very huge fan of the current administration was all praises about the attack that led to Osama’s death.

Cheney further said that we have to give Obama “high marks” for sending SEAL team 6 to raid bin Laden and finally brought the international most wanted terrorist down.

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Indians Offended by Code Name Geronimo

Geronimo was a well-known and legendary Apache warrior whose skills to walk quietly without leaving footsteps behind allowed him to successfully evade thousands of US and Mexican soldiers. Very much like the way Osama Bin Laden has avoided capture for the past ten years.

For the Native Americans, however, there is a very huge and important difference between the two: Geronimo was their hero who saved his people; Bin Laden is a terrorist who has killed thousands.

That is why for the Native Americans, the White House’s use of “Geronimo” as a code name for their plan to bring down Osama was insulting and a slap in their faces. It has angered a lot of tribal leaders and caused a huge commotion in social networking sites. Moreover, the tribal leader of Geronimo’s tribe demanded for a letter of apology from US President Barack Obama.

On the other hand, many Native Americans are not surprised with the linkage created between Bin Laden and Geronimo; they were insulted, yes, but not surprised. They also said that the code name is just an additional to their long and ugly history with the federal government.

Leon Curly, a Navajo, said that they have been oppressed for such a long time that it does not matter anymore. Curly added that the government does what they want whenever it pleases them and he expects the name calling to last for a very long time.

Jeff Houser, chairman of Geronimo’s tribe, said in his letter addressed to the US President that they understand that the use of Geronimo as a code name for their operations to bring down Bin Laden was done without malice, but the effect was just the same. He further discussed that it pains them for Geronimo, or any other Native American Figure, to be associated with a mass murderer such as Osama.

There are a couple of steps that can be taken to address this issue and it is expected to be discussed on the US Senate Indian Affairs Committee meeting.

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Giffords Cleared to See Her Husband’s Launch

On Monday, doctors of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords confirmed that she may fly to Florida this week to send off  her husband to space. Gifford’s husband is the space commander of space shuttle Endeavour. However, the congresswoman has to immediately return to the hospital to continue her rehabilitation.

TIRR Memorial Hermann doctors said that Giffords is medically stable and able to travel. In fact, they view this trip to see her husband as part of her rehabilitation. The congresswoman was shot to the head a few months back and is still under the hospital’s rehabilitative program. Dr. Dong Kim, director of the Mischer Neuroscience Institute in the hospital, said that he does not see any reason why this trip should pose additional risk to Gifford’s health.

The last time the congresswoman was in an aircraft was when she was flown from Arizona, where she was given immediate treatment following the shoot-out, to Houston, where her current rehabilitation is taking place. Dr. Kim, however, emphasized that Giffords will no longer be flying thru ambulance transport.

C.J. Karamrgin, the congresswoman’s spokesperson, said that they are very pleased with the announcement. Her entire staffs believe that this will be another major milestone in her rehabilitation as she has been looking forward to the launch even before the accident.

President Barack Obama and the first lady will also watch the launch but there are no reports yet if they will be watching it with Giffords. The families, including the congresswoman, will watch the Endeavour take off from a restricted area and Giffords has no plans of a public appearance.

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43 Dead After Tornadoes Hit Southern U.S.

On Sunday, officials said that the three days worth of vicious storms and tornadoes in the southern part of the country left 43 people dead and ruined hundreds of infrastructures.

North Carolina suffered most with 22 people dead. More than 80 people were also injured in the series of tornadoes that hit the area Saturday night. Vehicles as huge as trucks were tossed around like toy cars, homes were flattened to pieces, and even airplanes were blown away off the tarmac. Power lines were also cut by uprooted trees and debris of ruined buildings. At present, more than 200,000 individuals in North Carolina are suffering from lack of electricity.

Governor Beverly Perdue told reporters that this is the worst tornado damage that he has seen in North Carolina. He further said that there are 23 counties that are hurt really badly by the disaster – schools ruined, properties damaged, and infrastructures brought to the ground, among many others. U.S President Barack Obama already pledged that the government will do everything to rebuild the state.

Two nuclear reactors in Surry Power Station shut down automatically Saturday night, said Dominion Virginia Power. However, they said that both reactors are in stable condition and that their backup generators are working properly.

The storms started last Thursday in Oklahoma and moved to many other states in the South. Over the weekend, as much as 241 tornadoes were accounted but only 50 were confirmed. Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi also suffered from the incident.

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Obama and Other Leaders Short of Deal While Government Shutdown Looms

United States President Barack Obama and all the congressional leaders have not reached an agreement regarding the compromise and the plans to cut spending costs. Analysts fear that the disagreements within the congress will force a Friday midnight government shutdown. No one, however, seems to want a shutdown.

The President, Senate Majority Leader, and Speaker of the House John Boehner said that during two meetings in the White House, some of the differences have been narrowed down. They worked through the night to come up with a deal. Right after the meeting, Obama said in the White House’s briefing room that he wants and answer by sun up.

The president fears that a shutdown will cause a huge blow to the already improving U.S economy. In the last months, the economy has started to create jobs for a lot of people and Obama believes it is unacceptable to put a stop on the improvement just because Washington can’t get it right.

Because coming up with an agreement seems to be a long shot, Republicans passed a legislation to fund the Pentagon for another six months but cut $12 billion on domestic spending. Boehner said that there is no reason that the Senate should not follow the House in making sure that the government remains open.

Obama, however, threatened to veto the bill even before the said bill passed. The White House said that the legislation looks like a distraction from what the congress should be focusing on.

The Senate is yet to pass its own bill. In the mean time, the Congress passed two short-term measures just to keep the government running. Moreover, they also approved $10 billion worth of budget cuts.

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Expensive Medical Options Worry Medicare

Medicare is worried about thousands of people making a deal with their physicians. The deal is patients will pay their doctors a fixed yearly fee, regardless of whether or not those patients will need the services of their physicians. The physicians are also under contract to see their patients the minute they need their doctors, and give them undivided attention.

Medicare said that this kind of arrangement threatens Medicare and the medical care overhaul envisioned under the Barack Obama administration.

“Concierge medicine” – or what they call the deal between patients and doctor wherein people will pay their physician an annual fee for exclusive treatment – poses a threat to people who cannot afford the $1,500 annual fee. In this set-up, physicians will limit their practice among patients who can “afford” them, leaving those who cannot lesser time with doctors.

Medicare recipients are said to be the most vulnerable in this situation. Medicare’s financial issues are pushing doctors to reconsider their participation in the program. This means Medicare members are faced with possible short supply of primary care physicians. A greater problem is anticipated because the new health law is expected to insure 30 million more people.

John Rother, director of AARP, said that their concern is the explicit medical delineation between people who have money and those who do not. He also said that if this continues, Medicare will stop being as universal as its objective.

Concierge doctors say that it is never about the money and the intention is not to put down those who cannot pay for their services. They simply prefer this kind of set-up because they can focus on a few numbers of patients instead of juggling a thousand patients at a time.

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White House Might Tap Oil Reserves

The Obama administration is thinking of tapping into the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help ease escalating prices on oil, said William Daley, the White House Chief of Staff on Sunday.

The Congress has placed pressure on the administration to search for emergency oil supply to relieve fears of consumers over soaring gasoline prices. In fact, it is already threatening to increase $4 per gallon at many gasoline stations in United States.

Elevated oil prices could significantly affect the currently weak U.S. economic recovery. It could also politically harm the status of President Barack Obama as he shifts towards his re-election bid in 2012.

The White House previously stated that administrations all over the world have options that could be utilized to avoid economic inflation because of disruptions in the oil supply. These options include oil reserves. However, none has yet taken the unusual step of using the reserves.

On Friday, oil prices in United States increased by more than $3 a barrel putting it to $105.17, the highest since September 2008. This occurred as war in Libya and protests in Middle East worsened.

The mutiny in the third largest oil producer in Africa had blocked around 60 percent of Libya’s oil output, which is 1.6 million barrels per day, the International Energy Agency said. The downfall occurred mainly because most of Libya’s foreign oil workers departed the country.

However, Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary, said on Thursday that there is still considerable extra oil production capacity, as well as reserves on hand around the world.

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