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More Tornadoes are Predicted to Hit More Towns

Extensive storms are feared to once again unleash raging thunder and tornadoes on towns that were already hit by tornadoes last week.

Forecasters said that this week’s weather is threatening to dump snow as high as 12 inches on Wisconsin. Severe thunderstorms are also on their way said Accuweather meteorologists. Moreover, they said that hail storms (with hail as huge as a ping pong ball) are expected to hit St. Louis any time this week.

Powerful storms with lightning with gusting winds may unfold from central Plains, down to mid-Mississippi Valley, later today and until tomorrow morning. The same storm may push from the east to valleys in Tennessee and Ohio.

Accuweather forecasters said that we may be looking at a triple threat of disastrous tornadoes, winds, and large hails. Many towns are still recovering from last week’s natural calamity and while they try to rebuild what they have lost, tornadoes may go their way once again.

Bill Deger, a meteorologist from Accuweather, said that the tornadoes may even hit the exact same places they landed on last week. An average of 45 people was killed by the storm last week in the southern region of the United States. This is the highest storm-related death toll in the past three years.

People living on the areas hit by the tornadoes are advised to stay up to date with weather reports. Right now, we can only hope for the best.

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43 Dead After Tornadoes Hit Southern U.S.

On Sunday, officials said that the three days worth of vicious storms and tornadoes in the southern part of the country left 43 people dead and ruined hundreds of infrastructures.

North Carolina suffered most with 22 people dead. More than 80 people were also injured in the series of tornadoes that hit the area Saturday night. Vehicles as huge as trucks were tossed around like toy cars, homes were flattened to pieces, and even airplanes were blown away off the tarmac. Power lines were also cut by uprooted trees and debris of ruined buildings. At present, more than 200,000 individuals in North Carolina are suffering from lack of electricity.

Governor Beverly Perdue told reporters that this is the worst tornado damage that he has seen in North Carolina. He further said that there are 23 counties that are hurt really badly by the disaster – schools ruined, properties damaged, and infrastructures brought to the ground, among many others. U.S President Barack Obama already pledged that the government will do everything to rebuild the state.

Two nuclear reactors in Surry Power Station shut down automatically Saturday night, said Dominion Virginia Power. However, they said that both reactors are in stable condition and that their backup generators are working properly.

The storms started last Thursday in Oklahoma and moved to many other states in the South. Over the weekend, as much as 241 tornadoes were accounted but only 50 were confirmed. Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi also suffered from the incident.

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Tornado Hits Town in Iowa

Homes and business were severely damaged by a tornado which struck a town in western Iowa on Saturday evening.

The torndao was about three-quarters of a mile wide. Almost half of the town had been damaged by the tornado. However, there were no reports of deaths or any serious injuries, according to Mount County Sheriff’s Sgt. Roger Krohn.

Students and casts performing a stage act on a local school in Mapleton were sent to an underground locker rooms when sirens alarmed. Officials went door-to-door to check on the situation of the residents.

Forecasters previously warned severe weather in the Midwest over the weekend. They said the first front of spring warmth will possibly bring strong and volatile storms, which include tornadoes, to the areas in Midwest and South.

Lightning struck Burke County Fairgrounds in Morganton while thunderstorms showered the city with ball-sized hail.

The News Herald reported that seven people were found on the fairgrounds. They were transported to a nearby hospital by an ambulance. However, their status were not immediately identified.

Lead forecaster in Norman, Okla’s National Storm Prediction Center, Jack Hales said the occurence of strong storms, tornadoes and hails, are typical stuation during springtime. Too much heat and weather instability causes pretty organized, yet severe thunderstorms, he said.

The peak season of tornadoes in the United States runs from March until early July. The tornado was caused by a front of warm air rushing towards north across the mid-area of the United States.

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