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HSBC Report Shows Few Workers Save for Retirement in UK

Fewer workers are planning to save for their retirement in the United Kingdom than those living in China and Malaysia, a report by HSBC bank showed on Thursday.

British workers fail to save for their own retirement as they continue to avoid the alarming changes to pension provision in the United Kingdom.

The survey shows that despite the impending shift in the workers-to-retirees’ ratio, workers are still spending too much of their yearly income and are setting aside too little money. Thus, they are highly at risk to suffer impoverishment in the future.

HSBC bank published the report, which assessed the attitudes of the people across the world towards retirement, on Thursday. British people knew that they would possibly live longer than the other generations ahead of them. However, although they were aware that traditional pensions were expected to weaken, they still failed to save enough money for their retirement.

The total number of people aged over 65 around the world is expected to increase from 550 million today to more than 1.4 billion in 2050. Thus, financial provision in later life is an important matter to consider.

The report says that both Europe and North America are nearing a crucial stage as the first group of baby boomers approach their retirement. In Europe, the working population is set to diminish from 2012 and onwards.

However, the survey, which asked 17,000 people in 17 countries, showed that one in five UK residents planned to rely solely on state provisions (currently equal to 100 euro per week) when they reach old age, and failed to save some of their money.

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Low-cost Preterm Birth Drug Won’t Be Stopped by FDA

All pregnant mothers will still have access to cheap drugs that will prevent premature birth said federal health officials, Wednesday.

Since the $1,500 version of this drug was approved, it was unclear whether or not pregnant women will still be allowed to buy from specialty pharmacies that sell the drug for an average of $15.

Many people, doctors and pregnant women alike, reacted negatively on the drastic price increase on the drug. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally said, Wednesday, that specialty pharmacies can continue to make cheaper versions of the drug that decreases the risk for preterm labor as they did for the past few years.

Many doctors welcomed the concept of the new drug because they said it can assure quality control of the drug. They were, however, shocked by the price; they simply did not see it coming. FDA said that they do not have the authority to control drug prices.

KV Pharmaceutical Co., the government-approved exclusive distribution of the drug insisted that the price of the drug is justified considering the costs of caring for a prematurely born child. They further said that they will make sure everyone who needs the drug will gain access to it. The pharmaceutical company will make a statement on drug pricing within the week.

One month ago, KV Pharmaceutical sent letters to other pharmacies creating and selling the drug for a lower price, warning them to shut down operations or else they will face the FDA. FDA initially backed this letter but did otherwise, Wednesday.

The department, however, realized how upset the public became after hearing about the 1,500 dollar drug. FDA said, Wednesday, that under this unique situation they will not take actions against pharmacies in order to ensure accessibility of the said drug.

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Smoking May Lead to Throat and Stomach Cancer

A current study has shown that smokers are at a greater risk of developing throat and stomach cancer. The study also mentioned that smokers who quit years ago are still at risk.

Italian researchers studied 33 different and independent studies and concluded that smokers have twice the likelihood of developing esophageal and stomach cancer than those who never smoked in their lifetime.

Smoking has already been noted to increase the risks of developing throat and stomach cancer for years. Even more disturbing is the fact that the risks remain even after you quit smoking. However, they pointed out that quitting this vice is still highly beneficial.

Both types of cancer are not common in the Western part of the world as they are more prevalent in third-world or developing countries. In the recent years, however, occurrence of these cancers has increased in Europe and the United States.

Studies show that there is only one out of 200 chances that an average American will develop esophageal cancer, and one in 114 chance of having stomach cancer. That means if you are an American who has never smoked in their lifetime.

It is also further noted that these kinds of studies do not prove that smoking can directly cause esophageal and stomach cancer. To prove that, researchers have to intentionally expose their subjects to tobacco smoke and that can be questioned from the ethical stand-point.

However, Dr. Eva Negri, head researcher, insisted that the study still gives smokers one more good reason to quit and those who do not, to never start smoking.

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Brian Johnson Launches 300 Internet Marketers

300 Internet MarketerThe internet marketing space is full of big product launches. Some of them good, some of them not so good.  Brian Johnson is one of the leaders of better quality product launches over the years.  His products are not only how to videos, but live coaching programs.

His last big launch was last year for Halloween Super Affiliate and was widely successful.  Both in terms of sales and Students who did well with the course. His new course is prices twice as high as the last one, but its launch could still do as well if not better.

He also managed to stir up some Google related controversy when he had his Google Adsense account banned shortly after the launch of Halloween Super Affiliate. Instead of hiding this fact from his students, he was first to acknowledge that this happened in a video. He stated that he was manually targeted with his Adsense account for teaching what he teaches and the students should have no worries about anything like this.

That is what happens when a teacher publicly reveals real life example of websites currently ranking and making money. But according to Brian Johnson the risk is worth it.

Today Brian is Launching his new coaching program . This coaching course includes; 3 months worth of live interactive weekly webinars, live case studies, a premium WordPress theme, 1 month access to Blogging Underground, complete set of prerecorded training videos and a private forum exclusively for members of the program.

Many programs falsely indicate that there is a limited time offer or the doors will be closed soon. Since this is a true coaching program, the doors will be closed once coaching begins in mid April.

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International Bankers Warn Against Effect of Speeding Basel Timetable

International bankers warn that forcing several financial establishments to reach up with the new capital requirements too fast could

greatly hurt the economies around the world.

As a result of the Basel III agreement that 27 countries have settled last month, individual countries might push their banks to meet with the new capital and liquidity standards before the deadline on year 2019.

According to the chief executive of Deutsche Bank, Josef Ackerman, there really is a great concern when national governments accelerate the phasing in process on the finance industry.

Ackerman, the chairman of the Institute of International Finance, which is holding its yearly meeting in Washington this weekend, warns along with other bankers that global economy is still fragile. Forcing the capital standards too quickly could already throttle the economy even before it has recovered.

The Basal III agreement states that banks should get top-quality capital equivalent to a total of 7-percent of their risk-bearing assets. That is three times more than the current standards so they can better endure financial shocks and downturns on the economy.

They have until 2015 to meet the minimum core Tier capital requirement; that is, at least 4.5 percent of assets. By 2019, they should have additional 2.5 percent, which is called the capital conservation buffer.

Even the regulators who attended the event treated the idea that the timetable would be moved up as less important, thinking that the new requirements will not impact the economies around the world negatively.

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