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Will People Still Patronize the White iPhone4?

The buzz about the white iPhone4 has grown louder and louder today as everybody anticipates for its release. Although it is not yet confirmed, the likelihood that the white iPhone4 will be released this week is really strong.

It has been 10 months since consumers have started hearing reports about the release of white iPhone 4. Yet, no one has seen even a prototype of this mobile phone.

The blogosphere, a known tech-savvy blog, released a screenshot of Best Buy’s database which included iPhone4. Moreover, it showed that the phone is expected to be released today. Reliability of those screenshots is not yet confirmed.

But the main question remains. Will people still purchase the white iPhone4? Everywhere, people will see someone using an iPhone4. Thus, many question the chances that its white version will be patronized.

Analysts say that the white iPhone4 will still be a big hit even though the only thing that sets it apart from the black iPhone4 is its color. They say that getting an iPhone has become more of a social symbol than for practical uses. Therefore, the pent-up anticipation for the iPhone4 will prompt people to get one for them.

With the launching of the equally elusive iPhone5 pushed back to September, the sales of the white iPhone4 may reap the benefits. People will be torn between waiting for another five months and giving in to what’s available now.

Both the launch and the success of the white iPhone4 still remain to be seen.

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Giffords Cleared to See Her Husband’s Launch

On Monday, doctors of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords confirmed that she may fly to Florida this week to send off  her husband to space. Gifford’s husband is the space commander of space shuttle Endeavour. However, the congresswoman has to immediately return to the hospital to continue her rehabilitation.

TIRR Memorial Hermann doctors said that Giffords is medically stable and able to travel. In fact, they view this trip to see her husband as part of her rehabilitation. The congresswoman was shot to the head a few months back and is still under the hospital’s rehabilitative program. Dr. Dong Kim, director of the Mischer Neuroscience Institute in the hospital, said that he does not see any reason why this trip should pose additional risk to Gifford’s health.

The last time the congresswoman was in an aircraft was when she was flown from Arizona, where she was given immediate treatment following the shoot-out, to Houston, where her current rehabilitation is taking place. Dr. Kim, however, emphasized that Giffords will no longer be flying thru ambulance transport.

C.J. Karamrgin, the congresswoman’s spokesperson, said that they are very pleased with the announcement. Her entire staffs believe that this will be another major milestone in her rehabilitation as she has been looking forward to the launch even before the accident.

President Barack Obama and the first lady will also watch the launch but there are no reports yet if they will be watching it with Giffords. The families, including the congresswoman, will watch the Endeavour take off from a restricted area and Giffords has no plans of a public appearance.

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Sanofi and Vaccine Group Collaborate on Dengue Fever Vaccine

A division of Sanofi-Aventis group is teaming up with an international vaccine group to hasten the outcome of the recently launched experimentation for a dengue fever vaccine. Now, the clinical investigation is on its last stage of development.

Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccine business run by Sanofi-Aventis, is the largest vaccine company in the world. It is collaborating with the International Vaccine Institute, a Seoul-based organization established by the initiation of the United Nations Development Program.

Sanofi and the international vaccine group said on Monday that they want to increase the global awareness of dengue vaccinations. They want to put the dengue vaccination on a higher level of the world’s health agenda.

Dengue fever is a disease transmitted by a particular kind of mosquito. It is a threat to about half of the total world’s population. There are about 220 million individuals afflicted with the disease each year.

Two million of them progress to a severe degree of the disease called dengue hemorrhagic fever. Mostly, children coming from Asia and Latin experience this life-threatening complication.

Currently, dengue fever has no cure. No vaccines have yet been successfully formulated to help battle the disease. However, Sanofi has the most clinically advanced candidate for dengue fever vaccine around the world. It just entered the third phase of its clinical testing performed in Australia last November.

The drug maker from France had previously said that a dengue fever vaccine could possibly produce sales of more than $1 billion in a given year.

The launch of the Dengue Vaccine Initiative was announced last February 10 by the International Vaccine Institute, in partnership with Johns Hopkins University, Sabin Vaccine Institute and World Health Organization.

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