Corruption – Why Chinese People are In Favor of Death Penalty

Of all the criminal cases that have been sentenced to death in China, those that involve corrupt officials grab the most public interest. Several examples of those cases are the recent death penalties of the deputy mayors of Hangzhou and Suzhou and the Justice Secretary of Chongqing City.

China has the most number of corrupt officials who have been executed with a death penalty each year. However, it seems not to be enough for the public who craves for that kind of punishment; because even though a lot of public officials have been beheaded due to corruption, many are still willing to put their lives at stake for the sake of money.

Technically, China only relies on their political law when dealing with corrupt officials. The sentences are delivered with the guidance of the discipline inspection of the Chinese Community Party.

While admitting their guilt in court, these Chinese government officials usually say that they have lost themselves in the process and they just judged the situations poorly. Some say that their lack of knowledge of the law could also be blamed.

Corruption is so widespread and systematic in the Chinese political system that most of their university students go to school with the hopes of becoming a politician. The Chinese youth knows that money and power comes quickly when in the government.

Because corrupt government officials are not only taking tax payers’ money, they are also corrupting the minds of Chinese youth; the public is clearly in favor of death penalty.

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