Albert Haynesworth Pleads Not Guilty to Charge of Sex Abuse

A lawyer for Albert Haynesworth on Tuesday said that the defensive lineman for Washington Redskins will plead not guilty to a sexual abuse charged against him.

Haynesworth did not touch the waitress body at a hotel bar, said A. Scott Bolden, Hayneworth defense lawyer.

In February, the 29-year-old football player was accused of slipping his credit card into the brassiere of a waitress and stroking her breast during a birthday party held in Washington hotel.

The player was not present during his indictment at the Superior Court in Washington, D.C. His lawyer said the accusation was not true. Haynesworth is set to defend himself in court on the July 11 trial.

Bolden believed that the sexual charge was trumped up since Hayneworth is a known celebrity with several financial resources. Last month, prosecutors offered a plea deal which will drop the sex abuse charge only if Haynesworth will plead guilty to the assault. However, Bolden, on Tuesday, refused the offer in court.

The charges Haynesworth face includes a 6-month maximum penalty in jail, as well as an up to $1,000 fine.

Haynesworth was accused of road rage by a man in Fairfax country- a month before the sex abuse charges was made. The man alleged he was tailgated and was beaten by the football player. On that case, Haynesworth is still waiting for a trial. Yet, his agent said Haynesworth is innocent.

Recently, Haynesworth has had a chaotic play with the Redskins. He has skipped workouts during the offseason and has failed the conditioning test at the beginning of training camp.

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