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Canadian Speedskater Brittany Schussler Supports Putin

At least that is what some people thought after the tweeted a “Selfie” of herself with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The picture was taken Fiday night.  The Canadian speed skater was just trying to be funny by taking the picture, but alas… many were not laughing.

Criticism has been placed on Putin and the Russian government for their anti-gay standing.  Putin insists they are not Anti-Gay and just want to place rules that will “protect the children”.

Gay rights advocates where not amused by the picture and in a barge of tweets asked for it to be removed.  I guess any time you take a picture with someone it is an automatic endorsement of there entire value and belief system… The picture has since been removed from Brittany’s twitter feed, but the fact that she posted it in the first place cannot be undone.

The US and Canadian teams are being criticized in general for allowing a visit from Putin in the first place.  This just shows how much importance is placed on the members of the Olympic teams as delegates for their respective countries.  Everyone is watching so the need to be aware of “things like this” is especially great.

On a side not, many of the people who don’t really have the time to debate the inner meaning of taking a selfie with the President of Russia, just shrugged and said “Whatever, Go Canada!”


photo by: alexindigo

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Bobby Petrino Fired

University of Arkansas - Bobby Petrino FiredBobby Petrino, head coach for the University of Arkansas’s football team, the Arkansas Razorbacks, has been fired according to a news conference report by Jeff Long, the universities athletic director. After months of lies, Jeff Long could not take it any longer. He simply could not trust Bobby Petrino. Long reports that Petrino’s lies have affected the colleges reputation and it was time to let him go. Bobby Petrino will not receive the $18 million due him as stated in his contract.

Long reported that Petrino was involved in a lie about crashing his Harley on April Fool’s Day. He lied about having his mistress, Jessica Dorrell with him at the time. Jessica Dorrell was employed by the college as an athletic fundraiser for athletic scholarships until recently when Petrino hired her as a coordinator for student-athlete development programs. He also gave her a $20,000.00 gift. When confronted about these incidents, Petrino lied to Long.

Petrino is married and the father of 4 children. Jessica is engaged to the athletic swim coach at the same university. Petrino was fired for knowingly misleading Long and other athletic staff members and for playing favoritism when hiring his mistress as student-athlete development coordinator. She was one of the top 3 candidates for the position out of over 150. Petrino denied being involved with Dorrell but Long said he and others on the staff had been aware of his affair for quite some time.

Leading the athletic department staff members to believe that he was innocent of having an affair, that he didn’t have a woman passenger on his Harley Davison motorcycle when he crashed it during a joy ride, of denying playing favorites when hiring Dorrell and also denying giving her a large monetary gift of $20,000.00 resulted in Bobby Petrino being fired from his position as head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks on Tuesday, April 11th. The decision has been made with no regrets.

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Shabazz Muhammad Signs With UCLA

Shabazz Muhammad Signs With UCLAWith an NCAA-record 11 national championships and a legacy that includes such legendary figures as John Wooden, Lew Alcindor, Bill Walton and Reggie Miller, the UCLA men’s basketball program has indelibly stamped itself among college basketball’s elite. However, since making three consecutive Final Four appearances from 2006 through 2008, the Bruins have reached the NCAA Tournament but twice in the ensuing four seasons. Head coach Ben Howland and his staff have high hopes that their hard work on the recruiting trail over the past year signals a quick turnaround in the Bruin’s near future.

UCLA got the signature of highly sought-after Shabazz Muhammad, the nation’s second-ranked high school recruit on Wednesday, the first official signing day of the spring signing period. Shabazz, a 6-6 small forward from Las Vegas Bishop Gorman, cast his lot with the Bruins over his other two finalists, Duke and Kentucky. The athletic Muhammad demonstrated his versatility and scoring prowess during the recent McDonald’s All-American game, earning MVP honors with his 21 points and 6 rebounds in leading his West team to a 106-102 victory. Muhammad capped off his high school career by averaging 29.8 points, 9.9 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game to lead Bishop Gorman to the Nevada 4A state title for the third consecutive season. College scouts rave not only about his physical skills, but also his non-stop energy.

Besides Muhammad, Howland and staff also obtained signatures from two other Top 100 recruits, 6-7 SF-G Kyle Anderson of St. Anthony’s Prep in Jersey City, N.J., and 6-5 deluxe shooter Jordan Adams, a native of Lawrenceville, Ga. who prepped at Virginia’s Oak Hill Academy. The Bruins are also still in the hunt for big man Tony Parker, a 6-9 270-lb. C from Lithonia, Ga. who remains unsigned.

With the addition (so far) of the three highly-touted recruits, UCLA appears to be in position to be a factor in the 2012-13 Pac-12 race. Barring any unexpected defections by returning players, most notably 6-10 rising junior center Joshua Smith, the Bruins are hopeful that this infusion of talent will propel them back into not only conference prominence, but also make them a significant “player” on the national scene, which is where die-hard supporters expect them to consistently be.

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Tony Romo’s New Baby Boy

Tony Romo Baby Boy HawkinsTony Romo is the proud parent of a new baby boy.  The new parent could not wait to get the first picture out so here you go.  Hawkins Crawford Romo was born on Monday April 9th at 5:30 PM at Plano Presbyterian Hostipal in Texas.

Everyone is healthy and the family was allowed home on April 11th.  Hawkings came into this world at 8lb, 8oz.  The snapshot was provided to Dallas Morning News and shows Tony and wife Candice looking very happy on this joyous occasion.

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Eli Manning: Two-Time Super Bowl MVP

Eli Manning Superbowl 2012After a crazy season that nearly had the New York Giants missing the playoffs, Eli Manning led them to a come from behind win against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 46.

The fourth quarter touchdown drive solidified Manning as MVP of the game for the second time and put the Giants on the verge of becoming a dynasty, with two titles in four years.

Eli Manning went 30 for 40 passing for 296 yards, with one touchdown pass and no turn overs. Manning handled himself just as he had all season long, cool and calm as if nothing bothered him. He even broke a Super Bowl record along the way, opening the game with nine straight completions.

Mario Manningham made an unbelievable catch along the sideline, thanks to a perfectly thrown ball by Eli Manning and managed to stay inbounds on the first play of the 88 yard game winning drive. The Patriots challenged the play but it was upheld when the replay showed he did have both feet down and control of the ball.

Now all the talk of Eli Manning being elite or not can be put to rest. With this performance and the way that it happened, as well as where it happened, there can be no doubt that Eli belongs in the same class as Brady and his brother Peyton.

Manning is now one of only five players in the history of the game to have multiple Super Bowl MVP’s. He joins Tom Brady who the Giants have now beaten twice in the big game, along with Terry Bradshaw, Bart Starr and Joe Montana. All whom are either hall of fame players or will be by the time they retire.

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Super Bowl XLVI Streaming Live!

Super Bowl Streaming OnlineThis is exiting news for football fans on the go.  For the very first time ever the Super Bowl will be streaming online.  This means you can catch it on your laptop or your Verizon mobile phone if you are stuck away from a TV during the big game today.

Streaming of the Super Bowl is not new, illegal sports streaming sites have been doing it for years.  This year though NBC, NFL and Verizon will be allowing you to legally stream the game online.  Just last week 16 websites where shut down by the feds in New York for illegal sports streaming.  This seems like a just in time situation for NBC and the NFL to capitalize on the advertising dollars associated with the online streaming that would have been going to the illegal sites.

If you are a Verizon wireless customer, you can get the NFL Mobile application for your your phone.  Users with 4G LTE get the streaming action for free whereas users still on the “outdated” 3G devices will need to pony up ten dollars a month or three dollars per day for the new app service.  There are some strange terms to the app though.  Blackout of games will still be enforced by checking your location before you are able to watch a game.  If you are watching the game live in the stadium, you will not be able to stream the game on your phone.  My question is why would you want to do that anyway if you are live at the game?!?

Alas, Stupid restrictions like this are why the illegal streaming sites pop up in the first place.  The NFL are seeming to move in the right direction though by allowing the streaming in the first place.  Only time will tell if it will be enough to keep the illegal streaming at bay.

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Zuckerberg Announced Facebook Ownership Contract is Fake

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the social networking site Facebook, said that all the emails and signed documents that are apparently the bases for a lawsuit filed against the young social media tycoon are fabricated.

These statements are a part of the papers filed in the federal court in Buffalo by his lawyers Thursday. The lawsuit was filed by Paul Ceglia and Zuckerberg’s lawyers want to gain access to the materials as soon as possible. They also want to check Ceglia’s computer and other electronic media.

Zuckerberg has said under oath that he did not sign nor has any knowledge of a contract Ceglia attached to his complaint. He also said that he did not send nor receive any emails to and from Ceglia. Zuckerberg’s lawyers said that it was a cut-and-paste job and all the emails have been fabricated. They also said that the lawsuit is a fraud.

On the other hand, Ceglia insists that he and the founder of Facebook signed the contract after Zuckerberg responded to his add in Craigslist. Zuckerberg was still a Harvard student then and Ceglia said he paid him $1,000 to work on a street-mapping project and added another $1,000 to fund the beginnings of Facebook. Ceglia said that they had a deal that he will take half of the earnings should Facebook take off.

Dennis Cacco, Ceglia’s lawyer, said that they agree with the Zuckerberg’s team that they should move along with the process as soon as possible. Vacco said, however, that they could not disagree more with Zuckerberg’s characterization of their document. He added that they gave that so-called expert opinion without even taking hold of the actual documents.

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NY Mets Welcomes Hedge Fund Manager David Einhorn as New Partner

The New York Mets sold a portion of its team to hedge fund manager David Einhorn on Thursday. The baseball team needed a partner and appeared to have stumbled to one with extensive financial wealth.

In a statement, the Mets said that Einhorn has agreed to join the team in a minority and non-operating investment in place of $200 million. Both parties hope final agreements will be reached by late June.

The agreement is subject to the Major League Baseball owner’s approval.

Einhorn, 43-years-old, is the president of Greenlight Capital, a private investment firm he also founded worth $1 million in 1996. They decided to officially announce the partnership to let everyone hear the news at once, and avoid leaks and other stuffs.

He considers the recent partnership as a personal investment. He has been a fan of baseball and has enjoyed teaching the game to her daughter’s Little League team as coach.

New York Met’s have been trying to deal with a lawsuit worth several millions of dollars. The lawsuit was filed by a court trustee. They wanted Met’s owners to repay $1 billion to the Madoff Ponzi scheme victims.

Fred Wilion, chief executive officer and chairman of the Met’s, said the team is very excited to have David join their ownership group. He said David’s investment instantly improves the financial position of the franchise.

Meanwhile, Einhorn said he is looking forward to collaborating with the Katz and Wilpon families throughout the entire seasons.

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Companies Refuse to Hire the Unemployed

An online job listing indicated that Sony Ericsson is not considering unemployed job candidates. After the company relocated to Atlanta in 2010 and needed a couple new employees, their recruiters told a group of unemployed applicants not to bother.

Sony Ericsson, one of the leading giants in the cellphone industry, later denied the allegations saying that the listing has been a mistake. However, there are still a lot of other companies that continue to deny job interviews to those who are unemployed. This is a harsh reality considering that long-term joblessness is in its highest level in years.

In the current United States constitution, it is illegal to hire or not to hire people based on their age, religion, race or disability, among many others. However, companies are free to turn down unemployed applicants and they are generally not breaking any law in doing that.

We have long known that it is much easier to get a job while you are still currently employed. There is no legal or hard data on the discrimination of the unemployed but many companies nationwide make it very clear that there are not interested in hiring people who are not currently employed.

An employment expert said that a lot of companies have policies of not hiring people who are unemployed but refuse to openly acknowledge their bias.

The National Employment Law Project executive director, Christine Owens, said during the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 2011 hearing that excluding people who are unemployed has become a regular business practice. Owens even shared a story of a 55-year old software engineer based in California who applied for a job a few months back. She said that the recruiter seemed very interested in her until she said she has been out of work for nearly half a year. The recruiter then said that they cannot forward her resume to the company.

The unemployed are traditionally having not been a protected class. However, in these times when long-term unemployment is an increasing challenge, the situations may change.

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Oscar De La Hoya Enters Rehab Facility on Alleged Substance Abuse

Oscar De La Hoya entered a drug rehab facility to address a problem on substance abuse, a celebrity news site reported on Saturday. released very few details about the admission, saying only that De La Hoya had gone into a facility in California.

Reports speculate that someone working at the rehabilitative facility leaked the information about the former boxer entering the institution.

Oscar De La Hoya, 38, has always been known for his clean image in and out of the ring. His business ventures after his fighting career has been very successful. Thus, recent reports about his alleged substance abuse problems were quite surprising to many people.

On May 12, De La Hoya wrote some contemplative tweets on the social networking site that indicate a recent battle he has endured. The promoter said on his Twitter account that it is impossible to conceal the truth, and one’s sins will be eventually revealed.

Over the weekend, the retired legendary boxer responded over’s report and said that he was in a rehab facility for substance abuse. However, the statement did not directly validate whether De La Hoya was in rehab, yet he acknowledged that he was battling with some issues and had flaws that he needs to work on.

The Mexican-American fighter retired in 2009. He had an exceptional boxing career with a 39-6 record. His last fight was against Manny Pacquiao whom he had lost to on a technical knockout on the eight-round in 2008.

De La Hoya also made the headlines in 2007 when photos of him were released in the media. However, experts validated that the photos were fabricated and not real the following year.

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