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Super Bowl Ads 2012

Superbowl Commercials 2012Have you already watched some of the 46 ads that will be on during the super Bowl today.  Strangely, some of the advertisers have chosen to make their ads available online ahead of time, eliminating one of the best reasons to stay glued to the TV between game play.

The surprise is gone, why they would spend as much as 3.5 million on a commercial and then give up the commercial pre game is beyond me.  Commercials during the Super Bowl are intentionally so out side of normal to keep you watching even when the game is not on.  But if you have already seen them online, why bother.

One of the big reasons to drop that much cash on a Super Bowl ad is the media frenzy that is created by the most outrageous.  Every media outlet on Sunday night will run a top 10 Super Bowl Commercial segment and the companies buying ad space want to be in that segment.

What can you expect… has a man create some sort of fetal twin that looks like an alien dancing on used cars (weird),  Hyundai has their cars outrunning cheetahs and  Regis Philbin wins a years supply of Pepsi Max.

If you miss any of the commercial action today during the Super Bowl, you can be sure that they will all be online for your viewing pleasure tomorrow.  Just try not to waist too much time at work on Monday catching up.

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“Don’t Fry Day” Promotes Awareness on the Dangers of Sun Damage

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States announced that this Friday is a “Don’t Fry Day”. This is a part of the agency’s efforts to promote awareness on the dangers of excessive exposure to the sun, including skin cancers.

The EPA partnered with the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention in launching the Don’t Fry Day. Both organizations wants people to understand how important it is to protect our skin from the sun; especially during summer when the sun is at its hottest and everyone wants to head outside for fun activities. They are offering people with tips to minimize risks of sun damage.

EPA encourages everybody to check their area’s UV index before heading out for summer activities. The UV index will tell us when the sun’s UV rays are at its peak or the most intense; needless to say, you need to stay indoors during those times. EPA also said that in order to avoid sun damage we should wear a shirt, hats, and sunglasses and use sunscreen whenever we are outdoors.

The assistant administrator of the Air and Radiation department of EPA, Gina McCarthy, said that most people do not take sun damage seriously. She added that many do not understand that increased sun exposure may lead to major skin diseases like melanoma (an advanced form of skin cancer).

Lastly, the EPA wants everyone to visit their website wherein the Sunwise program is vastly featured. The program is dedicated to increasing awareness about the dangers of sun damage and the importance of protecting our skin from the sun. You can get more resources and tips from the site.

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Amazon Cloud Player Now Compatible With iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Amazon’s Cloud Player is now compatible with Apple Product; at least those that you can access the internet with. The music streaming service of Amazon was originally launched with Android compatibility only.

However, just this weekend, an updated version of Amazon’s Cloud Player was quietly released and provided basic support for Apple’s iOS. This means that if you have an Amazon Cloud account you can now stream music on any of your iOS devices.

Unfortunately, there is no iOS application for Amazon’s Cloud Player similar to that of Android phones, but you can now stream music stored online thru Safari, an iOS browser. Engadget and TechCrunch, two of the leading tech blogs, the Cloud Player works like a charm with iOS.

To listen to your songs in Cloud Player, all you have to do is visit the Amazon Cloud Player site using your gadget’s Safari browser. You will initially be directed to a warning page saying that the browser does not support the program but you can ignore that warning. Once you get pass the warning page, you will see all of the songs your stored on the server of Amazon.

Then, you just have to select the song you want to listen to and music will begin to play in your iOS device. It also works with the multitasking and volume controls; that means you can play, skip, or pause songs. You may also do other tasks such as texting or browsing the internet while music is playing in the background. When you receive an incoming call while the music is playing, it will automatically pause and resume when the call is done.

Unfortunately, there are a couple other things you cannot do with your Amazon Cloud Player in an iOS. You cannot drag and drop songs to rearrange them and you cannot upload files too as it requires Flash. To get around this, upload songs using your personal computer instead of your iOS device.

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Will People Still Patronize the White iPhone4?

The buzz about the white iPhone4 has grown louder and louder today as everybody anticipates for its release. Although it is not yet confirmed, the likelihood that the white iPhone4 will be released this week is really strong.

It has been 10 months since consumers have started hearing reports about the release of white iPhone 4. Yet, no one has seen even a prototype of this mobile phone.

The blogosphere, a known tech-savvy blog, released a screenshot of Best Buy’s database which included iPhone4. Moreover, it showed that the phone is expected to be released today. Reliability of those screenshots is not yet confirmed.

But the main question remains. Will people still purchase the white iPhone4? Everywhere, people will see someone using an iPhone4. Thus, many question the chances that its white version will be patronized.

Analysts say that the white iPhone4 will still be a big hit even though the only thing that sets it apart from the black iPhone4 is its color. They say that getting an iPhone has become more of a social symbol than for practical uses. Therefore, the pent-up anticipation for the iPhone4 will prompt people to get one for them.

With the launching of the equally elusive iPhone5 pushed back to September, the sales of the white iPhone4 may reap the benefits. People will be torn between waiting for another five months and giving in to what’s available now.

Both the launch and the success of the white iPhone4 still remain to be seen.

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Runway to Green Launching, a Project to help Save the Environment

Runway To GreenThe new Runway to Green collection was launched on March 29, 2011 at the Bid to Save the Earth Event which was held in New York Rockefeller Center. The event showcased a Runway to Green Fashion show and live auction for the benefit of the environment.

The proceeds of the collection will go to environment charities particularly to Conservation International, Oceana and Central Park Conservancy. A part will also go to Alliance for Climate Protection, United Nations Environment Programme’s Billion Tree Campaign and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The fashion show was styled by Tonne Goddman, Vogue’s Fashion Director and Tabitha Simmons, Vogue’s Contributing Director; while the auction was hosted by Christie’s.

The entire event turned to be a success. With the runway stars like Karolina Kurkova, Jessica Stam and Coco Rocha all took the audience with their designer creations.

It was participated by top designer brands namely Gucci, Manolo Blahnik, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Marni, Michael Kors, Rachel Roy, Marchesa, Timex and a lot more. As part of the program, the designers have also participated in Natural Resources Defense Council’s Clean. It encourages them to integrate green practices in making their products and designs. Furthermore, the collections that they have shown in the Runway to Green will be part of their Fall 2011 collection.

The Runway to Green collection will be sold at worldwide at NETAPORTER.COM, or through the designers’ stores and in selected department and retail stores nationwide.

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Fashion 2011: The Different Styles of Spring

Spring Style 2011Spring fashion has turned back time. The 60s and 70s fashion are back together with bold colors and chiffon dresses. If you are gearing towards the hottest trend this season, all you have to do is a little flashback to a few decades ago.

The hallmark of this year’s spring style is the boot cut and flared jeans which are popular in the showrooms of stores and on the streets. Many women, including Cami Krablin, are glad to have the boot cuts back. Flared is the newest silhouette for jeans, especially the flattering pants with high waistline and full legs. Aside from flared jeans, vintage blouses are on the rack. The Downtown store, which is known for their vintage looks, is offering ‘70s embroidered blouses and vests. Peasant tops tossed with beads is also very hippy.

Aside from the pants, the chic and breezy clothes also counts this year. Even Lady Gaga, who’s fond of bold looks, have honed to perfection in draping silk kimono on Vogue’s March cover. Fabrics like sheer chiffon and organza, fluid silks and satins and knits and crochet are also fab.

As opposed to last year’s grey colors, this year shouts with explosive brights to layers of white. Colors such as bright poppy, coral, orange and hot pink are high. Turquoise and cobalt blue look even more fashionable if worn in combinations of two or three, or create tonal mixes such as two shades of green. Floral and fruit prints are also favorable this year. Furthermore, to offset the bold colors, gentle nudes and stark white is hip this year.

Trench coats are also in that fashion. Floral prints, bold colors, satin and silky fabrics, with addition of animal prints.

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New Show, “Fashion Star”,a Search for America’s Next top Designer

Americas Next Top DesignerNBC announced that a new fashion show will be launched. The show features a reality competition for the next fashion designer. It attempts to discover a Fashion Star who will be given an opportunity to be America’s next designer brand.

It will be produced by Lipstiz and Cutforth’s Magical Elves Production Company, by Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth; and Electus, by Ben Silverman. They are also the producers of Project Runway Runway show—also a reality show which discovers new fashion talents.

It will be hosted by Elle Macpherson, a former supermodel who have shown the fashion world her impeccable fashion sense in her 30 years experience in the industry. She’s the current host of Britain’s Next top model.

It is going to be a Project Runway-like show. The difference is if Project Runway focuses on high end fashion, Fashion Star will also focus on casual apparels. That includes dresses, denims and accessories. Another twist of the show is that, viewers can also purchase the winning designs in the stores or online.

The competition starts with 12 aspiring designers. They will be meeting several challenges weekly regarding both in fashion and business issues of the industry until one will become the “Fashion Star”. Judges includes fashion designers and buyers which will not just serve as judges but mentors as well.

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Fashion for the Tsunami 2011 Victims of Japan—Adds more Items to the Auction

Fashion for Tsunami Action adds Victoria's Secret TicketsIn response to the calamity which struck Japan, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) launched an online boutique to benefit the victims of the disasters. The online auction is ongoing for a week now and more items are added into the collection.

One of the items added in the auction is the two tickets to a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, which includes a face to face meet-up with the famous model star Doutzen Kreos. Aside from that, the new roster include two tickets to the fall 2012 Marc Jacobs Fashion Show with a free handbag; the privilege to meet Gwen Stefani at a L.A.M.B. fashion show; and,a chance to meet Anna Dello Russo in a Vogue photoshoot, which will happen in Japan.

CFDA has gathered their friends and designers for the online auction. They originally had 75 major donations before the auction started and now, the committee has added more to the entries. For CFDA, this charity buzz is more personal compared to their other charity fundraisings. That’s because they have close friends and colleagues which they have worked in the fashion industry that are also affected by the calamity.

100 % of the profits will go directly to the victims of Japan through Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.  So far, the biggest sale in the online auction is the “week in Paradise”. The winner gets to stay at Dian Von Furstenberg’s Harbour Island beach house for a week. The sale went up to $16,000. Followed by the two front row tickets to the Rag and Bone’s show which was sold for $6,010.

The auction will end on April 28, 2011.

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Fashion Night Out 2011, the Countdown Begins

New York Fashion Night OutThe preparation is already starting for the biggest ever Fashion Night Out 2011. The event will encompass not just New York City but every city all over the globe, and this time it’s it has included online stores. Fashion Night Out will take place on September 8, 2011. With the participation of Vogue and NYC & Company, it’s going to be a big blast.

This year will be the third Fashion Night Out in the history. The success of 2009 and 2010’s fashion night outs have brought us the most awaited fashion event in the fashion industry. Just like before, it is expected that this year’s FNO will include special events participated by prominent people in the industry, models and designers. There will also be special deals and parties.

But this year has a special twist. You can enjoy Fashion Night Out in the comfort of your home. They will include online e-tailers to participate in the event. Vogue editors will also create custom Polyvore as part of the countdown. The promotions will begin on August 15, 2011.

Vogue Fashion Editor, Anna Wintour has imagined it to be bigger this year. The fashion industry is much better compared to 2009 and 2010. With the inclusion of online stores, it will definitely be the biggest fashion night out!

A Fashion Night Out collection will also be available for purchase. They include baseball caps, tees and tote bags. A portion of the Fashion Night Out Collection will go to the New York City AIDS Fund.

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Christian Louboutin Sues Yves Saint Laurent Over Red Shoes

Lawsuit over red shoesIt’s not just any red shoes, Yves Saint Laurent’s red shoes with red soles is the subject of Christian Louboutin’s lawsuit against YSL.

Christian Louboutin designed a pair of red-soled womens shoes that have been popularized by the characters on the “Sex and the City”. Yves Saint Laurent’s 2011 spring collection also have a pair of red suede shoes with red soles which have evoked Louboutin to file a case against YSL.

The design is actually of a red suede fringed footwear which is also sold in navy, purple and green colors. But it’s the red footwear which have provoked Louboutin to file a case against YSL.

Louboutin introduced the red shoes in 1998. The designer got the notion for the shoe design when he used a red nail polish over the black soles of red women shoes. In 2008, the U.S Patent and Trademark awarded the rights to Louboutin for the trademark for the red shoes.

According to the side of Louboutin, YSL violated the trademark of their footwear. They have created a red-sole suede shoe that is almost identical to Louboutin’s design in order to confuse the buyers.

However, as YSL defended, they gave a letter to Christian Louboutin informing the company that they will continue to sell the infringing footwear. But for Louboutin, it asks for a court injunction regarding the selling of the red shoes of at least $1 million.

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