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Hackers Infiltrated PBS Website, Fake Tupac Story Posted

The PBS website was infiltrated by a group of hackers, which complained about a news program report, on Saturday evening. The hackers posted a fake story, which alleged that late Tupac Shakur was alive in New Zealand.

On Monday, PBS officials confirmed that the website had indeed been hacked. The attackers posted the false Tupac story on the site of the WETA-TV produced “PBS NewsHour” program.

It says American rapper and actor Tupac Shukar, who was shot four times and killed in the metropolitan area of Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996, was still living in a small resort in New Zealand. The story had been removed on the site as of Monday morning.

In an email, the PBS’ vice president of corporate communications, Anne Bentley said that the incorrect information posted on the PBS website has already been corrected.

She also said that the hackers released usernames and mixed-up passwords for the website’s users and administrators. Login information and passwords in plain-text were also posted for the network’s affiliate television stations. However, the affected parties were subsequently notified, Bentley said.

A group, which called itself “The Lulz Boat” and LulzSec, claimed responsibility on the attack on a post in Twitter. They also posted links to other attacks, which include a video seemingly mocking the broadcasting network.

The group said they hacked the PBS website in retribution to a recent “Frontline” edition, a PBS show that recently covered WikiLeaks. A message said the group was not impressed when they saw the ‘WikiSecrets’ report.

“Frontline” executive producer David Fanning said he had learned of the attack early Monday. He said an attack to the PBS website over a particular news program was atypical, but probably expected.

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Film Director Highlights Assisted Suicide

It may sound contradicting but the director of a documentary entitled “How to Die in Oregon” hopes that his film teaches people a thing or two about living life. The documentary is about physician-assisted suicide law in Oregon.

The film director, 31-year old Peter Richardson, wants us to better understand the “Death with Dignity Act” in Oregon that has been in place for 17 years. Oregon is one of the very few states that allow physician-assisted suicide. Doctors can basically prescribe and administer lethal drugs to a patient who is terminally ill and has less than six months to live.

Richardson said it is not going to be a depressing film. In fact, he added that those who have seen the documentary are surprised by how much laughter and humor there is in the movie. He describes his film as “tragic but life affirming.”

The film revolves around a 54-year old woman, Cody Curtis, who has been given only six months to live after she has been diagnoses with advance stage liver cancer. The thoughts of her doctors, her husband and kids, and her own were caught on camera during heart-wrenching interviews.

Richardson said that in the film you will understand that going through physician-assisted suicide is not an easy choice. He added that although Curtis has grace and dignity in suffering, she also thinks there is dignity in accepting the things we cannot change.

The film also documented the lives of those who are not too happy with the law, including an uninsured 53-year old man with prostate cancer. In the film, the state denied him of health care and his doctors offered physician-assisted suicide instead.

The documentary won as the best nonfiction film at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is scheduled to debut on HBO on Thursday.

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Schwarzenneger’s Acting Career on Hold

Former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenneger decided to put his acting career and his movie comeback on hold as he settles marital and domestic fallout following his affair with one of his previous housekeepers. Schwarzenneger is now preparing for a possible extremely costly divorce.

Based from a statement released from Schwarzenneger’s office, the “Terminator” action superstar requested his talent agency to put on hold all his movie projects that are already under negotiation until further notice.

The statement said that Schwarzenneger would rather focus on personal matters and is not yet willing to commit to any acting jobs or production schedules. That means discussions for “Cry Macho” and a sequel of “Terminator” will only resume when Schwarzenneger decides he is ready.

Just recently, the rumor that Schwarzenneger fathered a child with his former housekeeper was confirmed. This set the stage for a possibly long and very expensive divorce that will stand out even in Los Angeles where matrimonial split-ups are scandalous on the regular.

Maria Shriver, Schwarzenneger’s wife, is expected to cash in a lot of money from this divorce according to a some divorce attorneys. They said that even though California follows a no-fault divorce, meaning the court cannot technically use Schwarzenneger’s acknowledgement of extra-marital affairs against him, in reality it will be.

Judges who know the story will sympathize on Shriver and will most likely hold Schwarzenneger’s actions against him, said Attorney Robert Nachshin. Nachshin is a famous divorce lawyer that has handled cases of the ex-wives of prominent people in the entertainment industry like Rod Stewart, Eddie Vedder, and Will Smith.

Nachshin added that based on his experience, Shriver may get a minimum of $100,000 monthly spousal support and an additional $40,000 in child support of their three minor children.

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Beauty Queen Quits in the Middle of Identity Theft Charges

The state beauty queen of Wisconsin has voluntarily given up her title just a few weeks before she was scheduled to fight for the national crown. Identity theft charges filed against her by prosecutors prompted this move.

26-year old Shaletta Porterfield was set to represent Wisconsin in the Miss USA Pageant in Las Vegas next month after winning the 2011 Miss Wisconsin-USA crown. However, the pageant officials announced that Porterfield decided to resign last week following a three-count criminal case filed against her by the Dane County, Wisconsin prosecutors.

Based on the complaint, Porterfield used to work as a commission-base sales representative for a company in Illinois which sells Internet and telephone directory ads. In order to increase her commissions, Porterfield allegedly drew up questionable contracts with three companies in Wisconsin and forged signatures in the process.

The companies only found out about the drafted contracts after the American Marketing and Publishing, Porterfield’s employer, sent invoices for a total amount of $4,670.

If proven guilty, Porterfield could be imprisoned for up to six years in state prison and pay fines of as much as $30,000 for all three charges. Robert Nagal, the beauty queen’s attorney, refused to make a statement and comment on the issue. He was apparently out of his office on Tuesday.

As the first runner-up of the Miss Wisconsin-USA 2011, Jordan Morkin will represent the state in the national competition next month in Las Vegas.

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Bristol Palin Had Corrective Jaw Surgery

Bristol Palin admitted that she underwent a corrective procedure, which caused the recent change in her appearance. She now has a slimmer face, angular jaw and higher cheekbone. Palin says the procedure was not plastic surgery.

The second child and older daughter of Sarah Palin, GOP vice presidential candidate in 2008, told US weekly that she had a corrective jaw surgery one month after she went third place on the TV and reality show, “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC.

Palin’s new look, along with her 5-pound weight loss was just revealed last April 30 during a White House Correspondents’ Association dinner held in Washington, DC.

The 20-year-old speaker and advocate of sexual abstinence said she liked her new look. She appeared more mature and has less of the chubby and little baby face than what she had before.

According to Palin, the surgery was done only for medical purposes and not that she is obsessed with her face. In addition, she said that she would only resort to plastic surgery in extreme situation. The corrective procedure was done to realign her jaw and teeth.

Palin wore braces and a corrective device before to overcome a condition called “overbite.” However, her dentist informed her that she might still have to undergo surgery someday.

The lawyer of Palin’s family refused to comment about the topic.

Palin will star in a reality series, which will be aired at Bio Channel at the end of the year. The series, still untitled, will follow Palin to Los Angeles from Alaska with Palin’s son, Tripp. Soon, she might also add author to her resume.

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Whitney Houston Back in Drug Rehab

A representative of the singing superstar Whitney Houston confirmed on Monday that she is back in drug rehab. Kristen Foster, Houston’s spokesperson, said that the star is undergoing treatment for drug and alcohol addiction as an out-patient in a rehab. Foster added that Houston did it voluntarily as a part of her long-standing road to recovery.

Whitney Houston, 47, is probably one of the most singers in the history of pop music. In fact, up to present, the Guinness World Records confirm that Houston is the most awarded female artist with a total of 415 awards as of 2010. Her awards include six Grammy Awards, 22 American Music Awards, and 2 Emmy Awards. Moreover, Houston has sold over 170 million copies of her album worldwide.

Houston also had a taste of the big screen when she starred as the lead role of the movie The Bodyguard in 1992. She sang the lead single of the movie’s soundtrack “I Will Always Love You.” The song became the best-selling single performed by a female singer in the history of the music industry.

However, the superstar has been battling with drug addiction for years which led to the steady decline of her career. In 2009 she released her comeback album and announced that she is clean (of drugs) and healthy.

But in 2010, during her overseas tour, the superstar was once again troubled by cancelled shows and negative reviews. Some of her fans said that the quality of her voice is not the same and that they are very disappointed with her concert.

Foster refused to say how long Houston will be under treatment or where her rehab is. Houston, however, is very visible and just last week, she sang on stage during Prince’s Los Angeles concert.

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Katie Couric Steps Down as News Anchor

Katie Couric, the pioneering solo female anchor of an evening news show, announced on Tuesday that she is saying goodbye to the CBS Evening News. The news program is the first evening news show of the network.

54-year old Couric said that she is leaving CBS following five and a half years of success to pursue other and bigger opportunities. She further said that she is confident that the evening show she will leave behind is in good hands. Also, the anchor is very excited about her future undertakings.

She said that she is talking to executives regarding a new TV show but refused to talk about it in detail. Couric said she loves doing a wide variety of different stories and she is looking for a show that will allow her to emerge in a more multi-dimensional media.

The anchor took over CBS Evening News following veterans Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather in September of 2008. However, she failed to pull up the ratings of the show to match rivals ABC and NBC in the ratings.

The evening news, which was once the highlight of evening television in America, slowly but steadily lost audience share due to 24-hour television and up-to-date news over the Internet.

Couric joined CBS after a quarter of a decade presenting “Today”, which is NBC’s most high rating news show in the morning. Since Couric joined the CBS and started the trend of having solo female anchors, ABC also added Diane Sawyer to their evening news program.

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Bruce Oldfield Says He Isn’t Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Designer

Even now, the designer behind Kate Middleton’s royal wedding dress remains a mystery. Bruce Oldfield, a British designer, said on Thursday that he has not designed Kate’s gown on the big day.

Several names have been specified. Yet, no one has confirmed that they have actually designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

This month, Oldfield’s name rose as the top bets to create the royal dress. However, he has closed the deal one day before the wedding and announced in a released statement that he has not created Kate’s most-awaited wedding dress.

Oldfield previously designed and created Jemima Khan and Samantha Cameron’s bridal gowns. He also made red carpet gowns for Sienna Miller and Rihanna.

The designer said he, as well, is curious to see Middleton’s choice of design. Also, he said Kate will surely look spectacular as she has a beautiful figure and knows what suits her well.

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress has been filled with months of speculations. Last week, Sophie Cranston’s name rose, but she has ruled herself out as well. The designer said Kate would definitely not wear one of her creations as she walks down the Abbey’s aisle.

Yet, two of the favourites have already said they have not designed Kate’s bridal gown and nearly everyone has run out of ideas. It seems that the public has to wait a few more hours to find out the designer’s top-secret identity, or not.

Meanwhile, details for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding are all set. The newly-weds are expected to appear on the balcony at the Buckingham palace and seal a kiss in front of millions of viewers worldwide.

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Royal Wedding Last-Minute Details

Just a few hours just before the most anticipated royal wedding, Kate Middleton along with her bridesmaids and best man Prince Harry rehearsed for the second time on Thursday at Westminster Abbey.

The wedding on Friday is expected to display elegance at top scale with royal carriages, as well as Household Calvary mounted troops. Union Jacks- the red, blue and white-colored flags of United Kingdom- covered the entire parade route. Meanwhile, pavements have been scrubbed with street cleaners.

The couples have invited 1,900 guests to their wedding. However, thousands are expected to gather around the parade route from the Westminster Abbey to the Buckingham palace after the ceremony on Friday. The church, as well, has been revamped into a beautiful forest. Two hornbeams and six field maples lined-up in the aisle to the altar.

Five thousand police officers are expected to go on duty on Friday. They will look out for protesters, anti-monarchists, hooligans and anti-monarchists who might ruin the royal event. Also, police patrols will be distributed around the area.

Other wedding details include: Kate Middleton will walk down the aisle with the hymn of “I was glad” from the Psalm 122. It is an anthem setting composed by Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry. Also, Middleton will say to “love, comfort, honor and keep” him, instead of her promise to “obey” her husband in the wedding vows.

Yet, Prince William and Kate Middleton, in their message in the wedding program, say they were deeply touched with the affection everyone has showed them.

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Prince Harry Hosts Royal Wedding Breakfast for Party Survivors

Prince Harry is expected to host a post-royal wedding breakfast at the Buckingham Palace on Saturday. The meal, which will feed the tired and all-night party guests, will be served at 6 in the morning.

Prince William’s younger brother and best man, Prince Harry, is also taking the extra role of a party planner as he organizes the wedding’s evening reception, a private party for around 300 guests, which consists of the bride and groom’s closest friends and family.

According to reports, Prince Harry wanted to make an evening post-royal wedding that his brother and his new sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, will never forget.

The royal brother’s grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, will leave the Buckingham Palace for the younger generation’s wedding reception party. They will stay at the Windsor Castle.

It appears that Prince William and Kate Middleton will have two Royal Breakfasts after the wedding.

The Queen will also host a Royal Breakfast for the newly-weds in their honor. This will be served right after the wedding ceremony on Friday at Westminster Abbey while Prince Harry’s royal wedding breakfast will be served in the morning, and it will signal the end of the celebration.

Prince Harry has asked a DJ to play in the early hours of the party. Thus, guests who will stay up all night will be served with a royal wedding breakfast. According to ABC News, Prince Harry ordered the caterers to serve bacon sandwiches, as well as “fry-ups” for the guests.

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