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Melrose Diamonds, the Leading Online Rolex Watch Retailer in Minnesota

Melrose Diamonds announced on Friday that they have become the number one online Rolex retailer in Minnesota, including other cities around the state such as Minneapolis. The store’s second and third quarter revenues have remarkably increased to 77 percent over the same period last year.

According to Vanessa Puzio of Melrose Diamonds, it appears that the holidays have come early in Minnesota that their Rolex sales have increased drastically in just four months. Melrose Diamonds are happy and they are looking forward to a profitable holiday season.

They have updated the selections of their Rolex watches to deal with the increased demands from shoppers, and have included free overnight shipping for worldwide customers for every Rolex watch purchase.

Apart from that, most of their Rolex watch models were customized for the Minnesota market, as well as those of Minneapolis, Duluth, St. Paul, Bloomington, Rochester and Brooklyn Park.

Melrose Diamonds is also considered as USA’s number 1 online Rolex store. They have various Rolex watches for men and women fabricated in various designs and styles in different materials such as white gold or steel.

Melrose Diamonds believe that purchasing Rolex watches, as well as other luxury watches should not be as mysterious and complicated as other people might think.

They offer low and no-haggle Rolex watches that can be new or pre-owned, but restored to its original factory state with a comprehensive 2-year warranty. They also have their own Melrose Diamonds Minnesota website that caters to customers around Minnesota cities.

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