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New Show, “Fashion Star”,a Search for America’s Next top Designer

Americas Next Top DesignerNBC announced that a new fashion show will be launched. The show features a reality competition for the next fashion designer. It attempts to discover a Fashion Star who will be given an opportunity to be America’s next designer brand.

It will be produced by Lipstiz and Cutforth’s Magical Elves Production Company, by Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth; and Electus, by Ben Silverman. They are also the producers of Project Runway Runway show—also a reality show which discovers new fashion talents.

It will be hosted by Elle Macpherson, a former supermodel who have shown the fashion world her impeccable fashion sense in her 30 years experience in the industry. She’s the current host of Britain’s Next top model.

It is going to be a Project Runway-like show. The difference is if Project Runway focuses on high end fashion, Fashion Star will also focus on casual apparels. That includes dresses, denims and accessories. Another twist of the show is that, viewers can also purchase the winning designs in the stores or online.

The competition starts with 12 aspiring designers. They will be meeting several challenges weekly regarding both in fashion and business issues of the industry until one will become the “Fashion Star”. Judges includes fashion designers and buyers which will not just serve as judges but mentors as well.

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Lady Gaga: Singer, Entrepreneur and now a Journalist

Lady Gaga V MagazineWho would have thought that Lady Gaga, a singer and entrepreneur would also join the field of journalism?

Lady Gaga tweeted last Wednesday, March 30, 2011, that she will be joining V magazine next month as fashion and art columnist.

She really has a talent. The 25-year-old singer has a very unique fashion sense. She is her own style. Her diverse fashion preferences both during performances and daily ensembles are definitely unique. She even has her own fashion house named Haus of Gaga. Now, her style will soar to wider horizons as a fashion columnist for the magazine.

The magazine is also proud to announce that Lady Gaga will be joining their team. As an introduction for her new column and being part of the magazine, their May issue will have a special page for Gaga where readers and fans will be asked to make illustrations of her memorable outfits.

It was actually Lady Gaga who suggested that instead of them putting her headshot on the pages, they would hold a contest every issue form coming up with the best illustration of her. The winner will have his/her illustration published along Lady Gaga’s column for the May’s issue.

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