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Coffee May Decrease Risks to Breast Cancer

Based on a study conducted by Swedish researchers, women who drink enough amounts of coffee everyday have lower risks of developing aggressive breast cancer.

Their study successfully linked drinking at least five cups of coffee a day to a significantly lowered reduction in ER-negative breast cancer or more commonly known as t he non-hormone responsive disease. However, they found no links between coffee consumption and ER-positive breast cancer.

Dr. Per Hal, co-author in the said study, said that daily intake of coffee may protect women against the aggressive form of breast cancer – ER-negative. Hal, however, admits that they do not have thorough details about this finding yet. For example, they do not know if there are specific coffee mixes that can affect women’s risk to breast cancer. What they do know though, is that the protective effect of coffee in general is striking.

The study was reported online in the Breast Cancer Research website on May 11. It involved 5,929 Swedish women between 50 to 74 years old. Roughly half of that population have breast cancer.

Questionnaires were handed out to the participants which include questions like smoking, eating, and drinking pattern. Based on those questionnaires alone, the researchers noticed that women who drink a minimum of five cups of coffee per day have at least 33 percent lesser chance of having ER-negative breast cancer.

Hal, however, pointed out that consumers should not jump in to conclusion just yet. Although they saw an association between coffee and breast cancer, they have not yet proven that the two have a cause-and-effect relationship.

Their next step is to single out what specific chemical in the coffee that cause such dramatic decrease in ER-negative breast cancer risk.

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Diabetes May Cause Cancer

Diabetes is already tagged as one of the silent killers because it is linked to various complications such as kidney failure. Now, evidences that diabetes can also be linked to cancer are emerging.

A recent study reported that women with diabetes have generally increased their risk of developing cancer by 8 per cent. Men, on the other hand have 9 per cent higher risk of having cancer (excluding prostate cancer).

Moreover, the study found out that the possibility of dying from cancer will increase significantly if you have diabetes.

On a lighter note, the same study concluded that diabetes can be related to the decreased incidence of prostate cancer among men. Reasons behind this are still unclear but the researcher’s data indicated that if you include cancer of the prostate on the mix, men’s chances of getting cancer from diabetes is reduced by 4 per cent.

Lead author Gabriel Lai will present the study before the American Association for Cancer Research on Sunday in Orlando, Florida. Research findings are still thought of as preliminary studies until they are published in a journal.

The study participant’s diabetes was self-reported. Also, the researchers did not indicate whether it is Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2. Furthermore, the study did not indicate information about diabetes management and the kind of medication the participants took. The study head, Gabriel Lai, however said that most of the participants have Type 2 Diabetes as it is more common than the other type.

As of the moment, it is still unclear whether it is the illness per se that is causing the increase risk of cancer, or the medication connected herewith.

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