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Heart Gallery Photos Inspire Adoption

When Dian Granito started as the events manager for New Mexico’s Children Youth and Families Department, she was asked to review the pictures of all the children available for adoption. The first thing she noticed was how ugly the picture quality was. She immediately realized that in order to draw more people to adopt children, […]

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High Blood Pressure Drugs Not Linked to Cancer

Contrary to what a recent analysis has suggested, a class of medications well-known for the cure of high blood pressure does not increase the risk of cancer, United States health authorities said Thursday. The class of drugs the announcement was referring to are the ARBs or the angiotensing-receptor blockers. Among the medicines in this classification […]

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HIV on the Rise in America

Federal health officials announced on Thursday that thanks to more powerful and reliable medications, more and more HIV-infected Americans are given the chance to live healthier and longer lives; that is despite the fact that HIV is still an epidemic with no known cure. Based on a research, by the end of 2008, there were […]

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Source of Deadly E. coli Outbreak Elusive

European health officials who have been tracking down the source of one of the worst outbreaks of E. coli admitted that they may never actually find a smoking gun. They said that it is an unfortunate fact when it comes to food poisoning. The bacteria have already affected 1,500 people in Europe and most of […]

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May Auto Sales Took a Dip

Auto sales took a huge dip in May; much lower than what analysts expected. The May auto sales are a reflection of consumers’ hesitance to purchase higher priced vehicles amidst the weakening economy. Because the supply of cars has tightened after the Tsunami and a series of earthquakes hit Japan, a lot of companies raised […]

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Mobile Phones Can Now Be Used as a Debit Card

On Thursday, Google has unveiled a free smartphone application that converts your mobile phone to an electronic debit card. The leading name in the Internet industry announced that the “Google Wallet” is currently tested and will be available to the market summer of this year. Google announced their latest innovation in a press conference held […]

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Teen Bonding Helped Reduce Girl’s Heart Transplant Anxiety

16-year old Courtney Montgomery had a heart that was failing really fast, but she furiously refused when she was urged by her mother and her doctors to get a heart transplant. Montgomery said that her previous heart surgeries have not helped her at the very least; she did not think a riskier and scarier surgery […]

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Sony Website Hit with Another Hacker Attack

Sony seems to be in for a real treat from internet savvy hackers as they receive another attack in their security system. After the lock down and overhaul of the company’s online services following a hacker attack that left personal and credit card information of at least 100 million people in jeopardy, Sony is yet […]

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Smartphone Application Allows Workers to Track Wages

Using a new smartphone application, workers can now track their wages themselves said the Department of Labor. Employers, however, fear that the new time sheet application released by the Department of Labor would only encourage more wage and hour lawsuits. The smartphone application is called the DOL-Timesheet and it allows workers to calculate their own […]

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FBI Investigates Unabomber in Tylenol Killings

Questions are now raised on whether or not Chicago’s Tylenol killer and the Unabomber are one and the same. The FBI agents who are assigned to investigate on the 30-year old case on the Tylenol killings want DNA samples of Ted Kaczynski. The FBI, however, are not saying of there is reason to believe that […]

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