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Minor Sells Kidney for iPad2

We have all heard crazy stories about how people would push, strike, and kill to get the latest Apple gadget and Apple lovers are well-known for that. That kind of devotion to Apple products what makes the company what it is now. However, selling a body part to afford and iPad 2 is definitely something I have never heard of before.

Based on a featured story in Global Times, a teenager in China’s Anhui province desperately wanted to get the latest iPad2 tablet and sold his one of his kidneys to afford it. Zheng, a 17-year old high school student, said that he really wanted to buy an iPad2 but did not have the monetary resources to afford it. A broker got hold of him via the internet and said he can help Zhen.

The broker was very true to his word and helped Zheng get 20,000 yuan (about $3,000) in exchange of one of his kidneys. The operation was done and completed on 28th of April.

Zheng’s mother had no idea what her son is up to so she was shocked to see his son with a brand new and expensive Apple iPad2. After she found out how her son got the money, she immediately reported the incident to the authorities. Apparently, they have been trying to track down the broker for a very long time.

How the operation was completed without parental consent, Zhang being a minor is still a puzzle. The authorities, however, are doing every possible thing to put an end to this.

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Prostitution: Key to School Debts?

On Wednesday, a study was released by the Berlin Studies Center tells us that a third of the university students in the capital of Germany would consider prostitution to finance their education.

That rate is higher than the other two cities that the study looked at – Paris and Kiev. In Paris, only 29.2% of university students would ever consider prostitution as a way to pay for their tuition, while in Kiev, only 18.5% says yes to prostitution. It has to be noted that prostitution is legal and socially accepted in Berlin.

Moreover, the study discovered that about 4% of the 3,200 Berlin students the researchers interviewed said that they have already tried to get in to the sex industry; doing works such as erotic dancing, sexy Internet shows, and prostitution.

The study authors were genuinely surprised by the results. They said that they conducted the study because they often see reports of student prostitution but did not know if it’s linked with the education policies.

26-year old Eva Blumenschein, one of the authors of the study, said that the major reason why students agree to prostitition is financial incentives. Blumenschein is also a student at the Berlin’s Humboldt University.

Blumenschein added that the new education policies may have a direct effect on their findings. There is a recent educational reform that aims to increase students’ time at the university. This means more student workload and less time to earn money. She also said that we may add the fact that student fees have increased over the past few years. Prostitution pays more for less work.

The study also found that almost a third of the students who are in the sex industry are in college debt.

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Jenn Sterger Still Mocked After the Brett Favre Incident

Jenn Sterger is expecting a huge audience this week on ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline. That could be a huge opportunity especially for someone who wants to push up her career in TV hosting and as an actress. However, Sterger is firm on saying that she just wants her life back and be given the opportunity to go back to work.

Sterger was recently connected to the alleged unacceptable behavior of Brett Favre, a former quarterback. In an interview with George Stephanopoulos she repeatedly said that she simply wants to go back to how things were. She wants to entertain people again. Sterger is, however, torn as the nature of her work allows her to say crazy things and she almost always get away with it.

There were rumors that went out a couple weeks ago that Sterger received a lot of offensive phone messages and photos from the former quarterback Favre. NFL investigators were not able to squeeze out details from Favre so they just asked them to pay a fine of $50,000 for not cooperating in the investigation.

Sterger said that she tried to go back to work and do her job but did not have a clue how to do the news when she is in it. She further said that she was embarrassed and even humiliated. She also denies the rumors saying that she is just a gold-digger who wants to make money off of the issue. She emphasized that she did not get a single centavo from Favre or from any of the photos.

The second part of Sterger’s interview will air on Wednesday on Good Morning America.

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