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Nickelodeon Launches Campaign Against Bullying

Nickelodeon launched its campaign against bullying, particularly digital bullying. The TV network is the most-watched channel among kids and they began Monday on-air public-service messages aimed to stop bullying. Some of its biggest stars offered pieces of advice on what kids should do when faced with bullies.

Ashley Argota and Gage Golightly both said that teens that are attacked online should not reply to hurtful messages and just turn off the computer. Golightly further said that kids should also make a copy of those antagonistic messages and show them to an adult. That is the best way to “stand up for yourself”, she said. Miranda Cosgrove, lead cast member of ICarly is also part of this campaign which is expected to last for at least two years.

The problem gained attention when teenagers committed suicide after being cyberbullied. Earlier this month, President Barack Obama held a conference in the White House addressing the concerns regarding bullying.

A survey conducted by MTV and The Associated Press in 2009 showed that 50% of people from age 14 to 24 are victims of cyberbullying. The aim of this campaign is to fight bullying the same way we are fighting against people who drive under the influence. Right now, there are no concrete laws against bullying, cyber or not.

Nickelodeon is in collaboration with Common Sense Media in their fight against teenage bullying. Discussion boards about bullying will also be prominently featured on Nick’s website. The discussion board will cater to parents who are interested

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Fun Awaits Families Staying in Chicago

Families who are planning to stay in Chicago have a whole lot of things to look forward to starting this month until December. The fun-filled vacation is hosted by the Chicago Marriot Suites O’Hare and their Nickelodeon packages, as well as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ by the Barney’s FUNundrum.

The Chicago Marriot Suites O’Hare is a hotel located in Rosemont, Illinois. They accommodate guests both for business and leisure activities. From now until December 26, they are adding Nickelodeon packages for the kids to enjoy.

The hotel will be giving children nice freebies which include Nickelodeon activity book, Nickelodeon bag with sunglasses, Build your own SpongeBob, silicone bracelet, splash ball and many more. Kids will surely have fun with these items.

The ‘Nickelodeon Your Stay Package’ can be booked at the hotel for weekend stays or it can be bought at the hotel everyday.

Another exciting event that will entertain families in Chicago is coming this November 17-18, 2010. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey present ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ by the Barnum FUNundrum.

Barnum FUNundrum’s Blue Tour will be held at United Center. The show is filled with unbelievable excursions and spectacular performances from various performers and characters all over the world. It is a circus show for all people, young and old.

These fantastic events in Chicago will surely delight all families and various travellers going to the city. Those families who are looking for an excellent place to visit might want to go to Chicago.

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