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Court Said Police Warrantless Search in a Marijuana Joint Legal

On Monday, the Supreme Court took the police officers’ side after arresting a Kentucky man without a warrant. The police apparently busted in to the man’s apartment after smelling marijuana. Fearing that the man might be getting rid of the evidence, police officers entered Hollis King’s apartment even without a warrant.

The Supreme Court ruled against Hollis King’s claims that his arrest – and all the pieces of evidence collected thereafter – is unconstitutional. In an 8-1 vote, the ruling of a Kentucky Supreme Court was reversed by the justices. The court said that King’s rights were in no way violated and that the police officers acted as they should. Only one of the justices, Justice Ruth Ginsburg, was in favor of King.

Justice Samuel Alito admitted that everyone has the right not to answer a knock on the door, let alone allow the police come in your home. In similar cases, police officers are required by the law to secure a warrant from the court. Alito, however, pointed out that it is an entirely different story for people who choose to destroy evidence.

Binsburg insisted that the other Justices gave police officers an excuse to regularly avoid securing warrants during drug cases. She added that from now on police officers are confident to knock on doors and break them down even though they have enough time to get a warrant.

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Budget Deal Agreement Prevents Federal Government Shutdown

President Obama and the congressional leaders agreed on a budget deal and short term funding extension on Friday night. The deal, which was agreed an hour before the given deadline at midnight, prevents the shutdown of the federal government.

The budget deal will keep the government funded until April 15. The deal calls for $38.5 billion in spending cuts. The vote to extend the funding immediately passed on the Senate on Friday, as well as on the House of Representatives early Saturday.

President Obama signed the short-term extension on Saturday. He said in his weekly address on Saturday that the deal will allow small business to get the loans that they need, families can get the mortgages that they have applied for, and thousands of working Americans can get their paychecks on time.

Obama said the the agreement was the biggest spending cut in the history. However, it is also a deal that will serve as the country’s investment for the future.

The government shutdown might have closed a lot of public-owned properties in the United States, including parks, tax season-help lines and other popular services that are managed by the government.

The deal finally came together after six tough weeks along with the outbreak of budget brinkmanship. The House is expected to consider the budget deal on Monday while a vote is scheduled for Wednesday. The Senate will consider the bill some time after the scheduled votes, spokesman of Senate Majority Leader from Harry Reid’s office, Jon Summers said.

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