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Celtics Have the Most Players in NBA All-Star Game

Boston Celtics In All Star GameIn this year’s NBA All Star Game one team from the Eastern Conference is more heavily represented than any other team in the game; the Boston Celtics. But there’s one notable stipulation. None of the four Celtics on the roster are listed as starters. The All Star Bostonians include; Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo.

But despite the fact that none of the Celtics are listed as starters in the game, Boston’s regular season has been going just fine. Going into the All Star game the team has the best record in the NBA with a win percentage of 74.1%. All four Celtic players have been doing their part on their own team this year. Allen has been averaging more than 17 points a game, Garnett puts away nearly 15 points per game, Pierce contributes nearly 19 points per game. and Rondo has been adding nearly 11 points.

By comparison, LeBron James of the Miami Heat averages 26.1 points per game. In any sport there is always some debate over what is more effective in the end, superstar scorers like James or more even scoring and teamwork like the Celtics. The Heat happens to be right on Boston’s tail in the regular season with a win percentage of 73.2%.

While being selected to the All Star team is certainly an honor; it’s the regular season that will really show the strength of your team. Whether starting on the court or on the bench the rosters on both sides look great, fans have a great game of basketball in store.

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Yao Suffered a Stress Fracture in Left Ankle

Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets suffered a stress fracture located on his left ankle and his team said that there is no exact time for the return of the 7’6’’ center whose career in NBA maybe jeopardized due to his series of injuries.

Yao was off the game since November 10th when he first got a bone bruise located on the same ankle. On Thursday, a stress fracture was confirmed after an MRI was performed.

The seven-time All-Star player remained on bench during the previous season following a surgery to reconstruct his left broken foot. His team said his latest injury is linked to the previous one and was found during the course of his rehab.

Yao said that he was doing his best to get back on the game but the latest news disappoints him. He said that he needs some time to converse with his physicians to know his options moving forward.

Yao Ming was the overall top draft pick during 2002 while he began to have injury problems during the 2005-2006 season. He was a consistent player and considered as one of the most valuable and distinguished ambassadors in the NBA.

The player’s return for 2010-2011 season back in June was a big selling point for general manager Morey since he began courting big-name free agents.

In seven seasons, he has an average score of 19.1 points with 9.3 rebounds. He missed a minimum of 25 games during the straight three seasons from 2005 to 2008.

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