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Invisible Tornadoes Hit Central Florida

Suspected tornadoes masked by heavy thunderstorms and rain swept through central Florida on Thursday. The dangerous tornadoes flipped cars, damaged buildings and houses, and caused temporary loss of power in some parts of the region, officials said.

Most people affected only suffered minor injuries such as bruises and bumps.

Seventy people, who had gathered for the Sun ‘n’ Fun Aviation Fair, were temporarily trapped inside a tent at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport. The tent collapsed as strong winds and heavy rains made its way through the exhibit. The storm damaged several aircraft, which included vintage biplanes and some larger planes.

The winds were reportedly rushing at 90 miles per hour in Tampa. Emergency crews from Polk County rapidly responded to the incident and freed the people who were trapped, officials said.

Injured people were brought to and treated at the Lakeland Hospital, director of Polk County emergency management Pete McNally said.

Severe storms hit the country since Wednesday. Meteorologists from National Weather Service said a tornado swept north of Tampa and a larger one came from the Gulf of Mexico and raked across Florida Peninsula.

Strong winds damaged 60,000 to 80,000 homes and buildings. On Wednesday, winds reportedly blew a cruise ship from its dock and flipped a tractor trailer in separate parts of the country.

According to the National Climatic Data Center, Florida encounters the third most tornadoes in the United States per year. Annually, it experiences about 55 tornadoes. The most fatal tornado occurred in Florida in 2008.

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Huge Forest Fire Kills Dozens in Israel

An enormous fire caught a forest in northern Israel on Thursday killing as many as 40 people, many of whom were prison guards trapped in a bus while trying to escape the flames, according to the security services.

The fire was raging out of control on the hills nearing the city of Haifa after more than seven hours it first started. Israel called for help from  Greece, Italy, Russia and Cyprus to send aircrafts to battle the blaze.

Local fire services from across the country responded by sending emergency crews while fire trucks desperately tried to reach the fire scene as they pass through heavy traffic as the night fell.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the forest fire was a disaster they had never seen before. They tried to deliver all forces of the state to handle this disaster and help rescue those who were injured and to put the fire to end.

Thousands of people were evacuated from their local towns and villages as the impenetrable flames rushed through the pine woodland.

A communal farm was burned to the ground and pictures of the bus and cars carrying prison guards, as well as rescuers were shown on television as they were engulfed by flames.

Police Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch described the incident as an enormous disaster that took about 40 people and many are still missing.

It was the biggest forest fire to take place in the country’s history, according to Israel media, with about 7,000 acres of land destroyed.

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