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Nintendo Plans to Ship 1.5 Million 3DS units in Japan

Nintendo Co is thinking about shipping 1.5 million handheld game player units that have three-dimensional capability in Japan in its first month after their launch on February 26.  President Satoru Iwata released this news in an interview with Nikkei Business Daily published on Monday.

Iwata said, as quoted by the Nikkei, that it is important for them to ensure a continuous supply. The company will be working on avoiding shortages of products, which happened previously when DS versions were first released in the market.

Nintendo Co Ltd is a multinational corporation that is based in Kyoto, Japan. It was founded year 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi. It had tried several types of small businesses before they turned into a video game company.

They are now one of the strongest companies in the industry and are considered as the third most valuable company in Japan. They have a market value of over 85 billion US dollars.

Their 3DS game players are scheduled to go on sale in Europe and United States by the third month of this year. According to the Nikkei, Nintendo aims to sell about 4 million units around the world by the end of that month.

Microsoft Corp’s Kinect, as well as Sony Corp’s Move controllers have improved with Nintendo Wii’s motion-gaming technology. But, Apple Inc and Google Inc’s Android chipped away at the Nintendo’s share in the handheld gaming market.

The publishing company said Nintendo might release their 3DS games in promising markets in Asia and in countries were the economy are growing hastily.

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Amazon Planning their Own Applications Store for Android- Wall Street Journal

Amazon.com is said to be launching their applications store for Google Inc’s Android Mobile platform by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

If this will happen, Amazon will be in competetition with other available application stores online from Apple Inc., as well as from Google itself.

Amazon.com is America’s largest online retailer. Just recently, they started selling eBook contents through the Kindle platform. Although few application games have been released for Kindle, an application store that would be used for several Android phones and tablets would benefit the online shopping giant.

The Amazon spokesman, when asked for any feedback regarding the speculations, replied through email that they have not announced anything yet. On the other hand, Google did not mention anything about it. According to the Google spokesman, they do not comment on rumor or speculation.

Amazon has wanted to become a software selling company. Based on the given report from Wall Street Journal, the company only wants a 30% cut of profit. This means, application developers will get a total of 70 percent revenue from sales.

The 70/30 revenue sharing arrangement is actually the same as what Apple uses for its application developers.

Google’s Android Marketplace only has 80,000 applications while Apple’s applications store has more that 270,000 apps to boast.

Android mobile has been gaining popularity around several smartphone users. They have even begun competing with Apple iPhone handset. Several devices are already Android-installed such as Samsung’s Galaxy S and Motorola’s Droid.

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