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Forced-Abortion Suspect Pleads Guilty

A man from Ohio, who is said to have forced his girlfriend to abort her pregnancy thru gunpoint to the head, pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder on Thursday.

Dominic Holt-Reid, a 28-year-old college student, was charged five months ago with attempted unlawful termination of his girlfriend’s pregnancy. The charges were supported by the 1996 state fetal homicide law and are considered murder in Ohio.

Prosecution alleged that Holt-Reid’s old girlfriend Yolanda Burgess, 26-year-old, agreed to terminate her pregnancy during the first trimester. Burgess is also the mother of one of his six children.

However, on the day of the scheduled abortion, Burgess changed her mind and this did not appeal to Holt-Reid, who earlier was convicted due to illegal possession of illicit drugs but is currently on parole. He purportedly pulled a gun on Burgess’ head and forced her to get on with the abortion.

The couple purportedly drove to the abortion clinic together with Holt-Reid’s gun hidden in a band on his waist. Burgess, however, found a way to alert the clinic employees and immediately called the police leading to Holt-Reid’s arrest.

Since that incident on October, Yolanda Burgess already gave birth to their child.

Abortion can legally be conducted in Ohio. However, it should be willfully done by the mother. Otherwise, it is considered a murder.

Holt-Reid pleaded guilty Thursday on all the charges including murder, abduction, and weapons charges. Ron O’Brien, County Prosecutor, said that the man faces fines amounting to $35,000 and 20 years in jail.

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Birmingham Investigates on White Police Officers Who has Beaten a Black Man

The Birmingham police placed two of its officers on paid administrative leave in line with the investigation on the alleged beating of a black man. The entire incident was said to have been caught on tape.

Mayor William Bell of Birmingham said that training should be conducted to inform or remind police officers of the appropriate amount of force they should use. The Mayor was very concerned after the video of the said incident was released to the media earlier this week. Erskine Faush, the mayor’s chief of staff, said Thursday that the mayor expressed major concern over what he saw.

The video caught on tape the March 20 clash between Travarious Daniel, 29, and two police officers. The police report indicated that undercover police officers chased Daniel outside a night club after he allegedly took a GPS, a carton of cigarettes, and a Dell computer from a parked car and transfered it in to his own.

Daniel, who is a security guard in one of the night clubs in the area, was charged with breaking and entering into a vehicle, and receiving stolen goods. Sergeant Johnny Williams said that Daniels is also expected to be charged with illegal possession of firearm.

However, the concern of Daniel’s lawyers and the entire Nation of Islam – wherein Daniel is a member – are questioning and are concerned with how the arrest was performed. On the video that was released to the press, it looked like Daniel’s hands were up on the air in surrender but a white officer threw him on the ground while beating his head and back.

Charles Salvagio, Daniel’s attorney, said that the Nation of Islam wants to raise awareness on what happened to his client. He further said that when Daniel walked in his office, his head was very swollen.

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