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Legionella Bacteria Identified at Playboy Mansion

Public health officials said on Tuesday that they have identified Legionella bacteria in a source of water at the famed Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

The health officers discovered the bacteria in its investigation into the cause of a respiratory infection that had affected several people after a social event was held in the area earlier last month.

However, the LA County Department of Public Health said it was still uncertain if the bacteria had caused the outbreak of infection.

Dr. Jonathan Fielding, the director of the department, said in a written statement that they are still considering numerous possible causes of the illness.

The department of health said that around 200 people have reported being sick with chills, coughs, general malaise and fever since the last day of the DOMAINfest conference, which was culminated with a fundraiser.

To investigate the suspected outbreak, Public Health is working with other county health departments such as California Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A spokesperson for the department refused to give additional comments, yet it was not clear if any of the people who attended the event were admitted in the hospital.

According to a statement posted by the event organizers on their website, DOMAINfest had been helping with the health officers in the investigation.

However, Playboy Enterprises representatives had no immediate response on the discovery of the bacteria at the manor. But, a spokeswoman said that Playboy is also cooperating with the investigation.

Legionella bacteria can cause a severe infection called Legionnaires’ disease or a milder kind called Pontiac Fever. Around 8,000 to 18,000 people have been hospitalized with Legionnaires’ disease each year in United States.

Although 30 percent of the Legionnaires’ disease cases can lead to death, most healthy people often recover with the help of antibiotic treatment.

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