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Afghan Officer Opened Fire at NATO Base, 9 Americans Killed

An experienced military pilot from Afghanistan opened fired at Kabul airport following an argument on Wednesday. Reports say that the pilot was already distressed because of personal financial issues. The Afghan officer killed a total of eight U.S. military officers and an American civilian.

The U.S. citizens who were killed were sent in Afghanistan to train the Afghan air force. The shootout is the deadliest and bloodiest shooting done by an Afghan soldier.

There have been at least seven of similar attacks at present. However, there are still doubts if the shooter is really under the Afghan government or an insurgent who is impersonating one.

Even though circumstances differ, this is not the same time that Afghan troops or citizens turned against their partners, which seems to be a reflection of their sentiments against foreign aid.

Many Afghans are disappointed since despite the increasing international funding dedicated for their country, the almost 10-year long war has not subsided and shows no hope.

General Mohammad Zahir Azimi, Defense Ministry spokesperson, confirmed that the shooter was an officer who served the Afghan military forces as a pilot for the last two decades.

Ahmad Gul, 48-years-old, was identified as the gunman and also died after the exchange of gun fires following the attack. His brother insisted that Gul was not an insurgent who sympathize the Taliban.

Afghan defense officials said that the incident happened at around 10:25 in the morning at Kabul’s airport. Gul opened fire in a meeting room after a heated argument with a couple of foreigners. However, nobody knows for sure where the argument was rooted.

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France to Increase Airstrikes in Libya

Europe seems to be really close to doing what the country said it would not do in Libya – jump in to the situation for the efforts of ousting Moammar Gadhafi.

On Wednesday, France said that they have sent a couple of their military officers to help the rebels fight Gadhafi’s forces on the ground. They also announced that they will step-up their airstrikes in Libya. Britain and Italy are also sending their military officers to Libya.

European officials will help the rebels turn the tide on Gadhafi’s reign in Libya without breaking the rules of the U.N. The National Transitional Council’s acting foreign minister said that they will do whatever it takes to topple the longstanding Libyan leader. The rebels need a more official army and weapons to help them battle with Gadhafi’s people.

Ali al-Issaoui, one of the rebel leaders, said that they have not handed out official demands from France and all the other countries that are willing to help but they are open to all possibilities. The opposition said that arms have been received but they are unfortunately insufficient.

On the other hand, the White House is planning to extend non-lethal assistance by donating $25 million. This is the first direct aid offered by the Obama administration after assessing their intentions and capabilities.

The aid is intended to help the Transitional Council and protect the civilians especially in areas that are under attack. There is no complete list of aid yet but they may contain things like medical supplies, boots, tents, personal protective gear, and uniforms, among many others.

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