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Wall Street Journal is Largest Daily Newspaper in U.S.

A new report says The Wall Street Journal is the largest daily newspaper in the United States. The Journal, which is owned by News Corporation, has an average daily circulation of more than 2.1 million published in New York City.

The national American newspaper, USA Today, ranks second with a total of 1.8 million average daily circulations based on the recent report released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. It has the largest increase in total average circulation since March 2008.

The New York Times ranks first in the Sunday newspaper category. It has an average circulation of 1.4 million while Los Angeles Times has 948,889, and ranks second.

The total average circulation is a new method that measures the publication’s paid and verified print, as well as digital editions. Paid and verified branded editions are also included in the total average circulation.

Previously, total average circulation is compared to previous periods. However, ABC advised not to make direct comparisons to earlier periods. A report from ABC says the top-line metric followed by the newspaper industry no longer exists. Thus, comparisons to earlier periods are not anymore significant because of the certain changes in the rule.

Meanwhile, Dayton Daily News has an average daily circulation of 94,709 and a Sunday average circulation of 144,226 Sunday. Middletown Journal, of Butler County, has a total weekday average circulation of 13, 794 while it has a Sunday average circulation of 16,252.

Clark County’s Springfield News-Sun has a Sunday average circulation of 26,273 and average weekday average of 19,634.

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Increased Peanut Consumption during Pregnancy May Later Develop to Allergy on Children

A study found that those children whose mothers consumed a lot of peanuts during pregnancy may be at greater risk to develop an allergy to the nuts. In addition, the more peanuts the mothers consumed, the greater the chances are for the children to develop it.

However, it still isn’t apparent if the mother’s consumption of peanuts can actually lead to the grave and potentially fatal allergy that seems to be on the rise, which is currently affecting about 1 percent of children.

The study was initiated by Scott Sicherer of Mount Sinai School of Medicine located at New York City, as well as a team of colleagues from five places across United States.

They studied 500 infants who likely had egg or milk allergy. However, these infants, aged between 3 and 15 months old, have no known peanut allergy, and most have not yet tried eating peanuts.

Researchers found that more than a quarter showed strong reaction in a “sensitivity test” with peanuts, and children of mothers who had eaten peanuts during pregnancy have about three times chance to show signs of the allergy.

However, the study reveals that consuming peanuts while the mother is breastfeeding did not appear to cause a significant effect on children.

Sicherer and his team explain that the children only underwent blood tests for peanut sensitivity. The test is not the same as those actually done to diagnose an allergy. The team is still continuing the study by following the children to identify what allergies may come and go.

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