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Wade Scores 41 to Put Heat in Front of Pacers

Dwayne Wade made an outstanding performance with the most points of 31 in the first half of their game. He finished with a total of 41 points to help Miami Heat beat Indiana Pacers to a score of 110-103 last Tuesday night.

The point guard also made 12 rebounds for Miami, who just leaped back from a defeat last Sunday against Boston. LeBron James made 27 points overall, 10 points of which were scored in the fourth quarter. Chris Bosh scored additional 22 points, including eight rebounds.

For the Pacers, Roy Hibbert made 18 points while Tyler Hansbrough scored additional 16 points for the team. Indiana Pacers, under the short-term coach Frank Vogel, won seven out of nine games. Their losses came from their two fights against Miami Heat.

The first half was actually led by Miami with 24 points. They lost their lead, but retrieved it for good in the last quarter. With only six minutes left to play, James made a dunk to give Miami a 2-point lead. He threw a basket close to Hibbert, but scored when it tipped in to bring Miami’s lead further to 99-94. Then, the rest of the game was led by Miami.

Wade ended the first quarter with 22 points. It was the most points he scored in a quarter this season. Also, Miami made 41 points at the end of the period. It was the highest points Heat have managed to finish in a quarter, as well as the largest point differential the team have achieved in a quarter this season.

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John Wall – MVP, Record 22 Assists and a Dougie

All Star Rookie Challenge Staples CenterJohn wall lead the Rookie Challenge with a record 22 assists. The Rookies won over the Sophomores 148 to 140 in the 2011 T-Mobile Rookie Challenge.

After a less than spectacular first half, the energy doubled the second half with what seemed like a duel for the MVP prize by DeJan Blair and DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins had been an MVP favorite and looking at his stats you could not deny that. But in the end Wall’s 22 assists pushed him into the MVP slot.

Blair ended the game shooting 14 for 21 with 28 points and 15 rebounds. Cousins had 33 points and an equally impressive 14 rebounds.

Wall and Griffin had the quintessential wow moment of the game. During the second half of the game an alley-oop bounce pass with a reverse two handed slam dunk by Griffin had everyone out of their seats.

John wall scored 12 points only slightly behind Blair and Cousins, but his 22 assists are what everyone is talking about. Chris Paul held the record at 17 assists previously.

There is also some talk of Dougie dunks and whether or not that was the move Wall was trying to do while hanging from the rim. Right now that is still open for interpretation.

Further highlights of the game include Serge Ibaka of the Thunder with two three pointers and a whopping 30 points by James Harden.

The T-Mobile Rookie Challenge took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday the day before the regular All Star Game Which is happening Today.

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Miami Heat Survive a Late Scare to Beat New York Knicks

Miami Heat beat the New York Knicks with a final score of 106-98 on Tuesday. This is the 15th win for the Heat in 16 games.

Miami’s shooting and point guard Dwayne Wade scored 40 points that helped the Heat beat the Knicks durring the game.

After the first quarter, the Heat gained a 34-18 advantage with the assistance of LeBron James’ spectacular game.

However, it was one of Miami’s less commended player that made a dominant role in the early part of the game. Lithuanian center Zydrunas Ilgauskas scored 12 points and grabbed nine rebounds in the first quarter.

Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra told Big Z that he would have possibly made a 28 point and 17-rebound game only if he had a coach that would have placed him back in the game. He played very efficiently and more minutes than they had planned.

Wade took the leading role in the second quarter. He finished the first half with 17 points and the Heat had a comfortable 53-40 advantage at halftime.

In the third quarter, the New York Knicks were able to move up to 61-55, but that only encouraged further dominance by Miami’s Wade and Chris Bosh.

The New York Knicks, which are known for their determination to win games, fought back until there were two minutes left for them to score a three-point shot to tie the game. The Knicks were trailing behind from 97-94 score.

Spoelstra said that he warned his team abut the New York’s trademark determination. He told the team that their 22-point lead against the Knicks is only equivalent to seven-point lead against some other teams.

However, Miami’s “big three” James, Wade and Bosh made a turn to ensure that the late scare will not become a shock.

Miami followed behind the Boston Celtics at the top of the Eastern Conference while Knicks slipped lower.

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