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Gibson to Miss Game Road Trip with Cavaliers Because of Injury

Cleveland point guard Daniel Gibson will be missing the Cavalier’s upcoming game road trip because of his sprained left ankle, his team said. This incident apparently added to the Cavalier’s last-place problem in the NBA playoffs.

Gibson is the team’s third-leading scorer. He is also a top player when it comes to defending the court. He injured his ankle while playing against Toronto, where they had 120-105 loss, last Wednesday.

The Cavaliers are currently hitting the rock-bottom as forwards Joey Graham and Leon Powe will also be missing the trip because of injury. The five-game road trip will begin on Friday in the Golden State.

The Cavaliers have been struggling since LeBron James left the team during the off-season to join the Miami Heat.

First, they lost ten games in a row. Currently, the team is in the middle of an eight-game losing streak with a crucial five-game road trip to begin.

They played poorly in most of their games. They had the most permeable defense in the season, and they have allowed opponents to make a record-setting number of shots.

Gibson badly injured his ankle and needs to stay in Cleveland to rest and recuperate, according to coach Bryon Scott. Gibson, in his Twitter account, said that his ankle was as “fat as a pterodactyl egg”.

However, it is still unknown for how long his recovery will take.

The Cavaliers already have the worst record in the NBA. They previously had a 10-game losing streak before they defeated the New York Knicks last December 18, which was the team’s last win.

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Miami Heat Survive a Late Scare to Beat New York Knicks

Miami Heat beat the New York Knicks with a final score of 106-98 on Tuesday. This is the 15th win for the Heat in 16 games.

Miami’s shooting and point guard Dwayne Wade scored 40 points that helped the Heat beat the Knicks durring the game.

After the first quarter, the Heat gained a 34-18 advantage with the assistance of LeBron James’ spectacular game.

However, it was one of Miami’s less commended player that made a dominant role in the early part of the game. Lithuanian center Zydrunas Ilgauskas scored 12 points and grabbed nine rebounds in the first quarter.

Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra told Big Z that he would have possibly made a 28 point and 17-rebound game only if he had a coach that would have placed him back in the game. He played very efficiently and more minutes than they had planned.

Wade took the leading role in the second quarter. He finished the first half with 17 points and the Heat had a comfortable 53-40 advantage at halftime.

In the third quarter, the New York Knicks were able to move up to 61-55, but that only encouraged further dominance by Miami’s Wade and Chris Bosh.

The New York Knicks, which are known for their determination to win games, fought back until there were two minutes left for them to score a three-point shot to tie the game. The Knicks were trailing behind from 97-94 score.

Spoelstra said that he warned his team abut the New York’s trademark determination. He told the team that their 22-point lead against the Knicks is only equivalent to seven-point lead against some other teams.

However, Miami’s “big three” James, Wade and Bosh made a turn to ensure that the late scare will not become a shock.

Miami followed behind the Boston Celtics at the top of the Eastern Conference while Knicks slipped lower.

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