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Killzone 3 Pre-Orders High Despite Early Torrent Leak

Killzone 3Killzone 3 has made the top 40 in Amazon’s Video game department this week and it has not even been released yet. The latest version of Sony Corp’s flagship first person shooter will be released Tuesday February 22nd and has been doing very well on pre-orders.

Killzone 3 ups the previous 2 versions of the game by use of 3D and the new Move controller system. This latest version will be available in a version fully compatible with Hi-Def 3D TV’s. It also can utilize the Move controller system which debuted last September. Besides that everything about the game is bigger as usual with successive game releases. Bigger stories, longer more elaborate levels and of course a larger arsenal with new weapons.

The game is expected to sell very well despite the fact that European versions of the game where leaked on Torrent sites two weeks ago. The leaked files, which are still available via torrent, will only run on Hacked Sony Playstation 3 systems. Both the standard and the 3D versions where leaked coming in at 22.3GB and 41.4GB respectively.

The pirating of one of Sony’s biggest releases has also pushed them put more resources into shutting down the PS3 hack files which are making piracy possible in the first place.

Sony Corp filed a lawsuit against hacker George Hotz, for exposing and posting files required to hack the Console. While Hotz denies any wrong doing and just wants to give PS3 users full access to their consoles, the hack is what makes piracy possible.

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UPS Forecasts High Profits in 2011

United Parcel Service reported a quarterly profit that beat the estimates of analysts, increasing their shares by more than 4 percent. The largest package delivery company in the world predicts record-high profits in 2011.

Analysts said that there were several factors that are driving the company’s performance. These include price increases last year and early this year, the increasing volume as the economy recovers, and the use of technology that has improved productivity.

UPS manages goods equal to 6 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in United States and 2 percent of the GDP in the entire world in its planes and trucks. Its shipment trends provide a concrete picture of consumer demand, the company said.

According to Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn in an interview, UPS is walking out of recession stronger and nimbler than ever. Their company is a little more optimistic on the U.S. economy, but global growth will be more patterned.

UPS calls for moderate global growth in 2011. It said they controlled costs as compensations and benefit expenses increased less than volume.

Sterne Agee foresees UPS shares increasing to $100 on the following 12 months. It cited the company’s capability to recapture costs by elevating prices and internal controls.

The shares of the company were up 4.3 percent or $3.08 at $74.74 in the afternoon trading. Its shares last attained $75 in December 2007, a UPS spokesman informed.

BB&T analyst Kevin Sterling said UPS already thinks they can exceed peak earnings in less than two years from the start of the recession.

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