Canadian Speedskater Brittany Schussler Supports Putin

At least that is what some people thought after the tweeted a “Selfie” of herself with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The picture was taken Fiday night.  The Canadian speed skater was just trying to be funny by taking the picture, but alas… many were not laughing.

Criticism has been placed on Putin and the Russian government for their anti-gay standing.  Putin insists they are not Anti-Gay and just want to place rules that will “protect the children”.

Gay rights advocates where not amused by the picture and in a barge of tweets asked for it to be removed.  I guess any time you take a picture with someone it is an automatic endorsement of there entire value and belief system… The picture has since been removed from Brittany’s twitter feed, but the fact that she posted it in the first place cannot be undone.

The US and Canadian teams are being criticized in general for allowing a visit from Putin in the first place.  This just shows how much importance is placed on the members of the Olympic teams as delegates for their respective countries.  Everyone is watching so the need to be aware of “things like this” is especially great.

On a side not, many of the people who don’t really have the time to debate the inner meaning of taking a selfie with the President of Russia, just shrugged and said “Whatever, Go Canada!”


photo by: alexindigo

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