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Bruce Oldfield Says He Isn’t Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Designer

Even now, the designer behind Kate Middleton’s royal wedding dress remains a mystery. Bruce Oldfield, a British designer, said on Thursday that he has not designed Kate’s gown on the big day.

Several names have been specified. Yet, no one has confirmed that they have actually designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

This month, Oldfield’s name rose as the top bets to create the royal dress. However, he has closed the deal one day before the wedding and announced in a released statement that he has not created Kate’s most-awaited wedding dress.

Oldfield previously designed and created Jemima Khan and Samantha Cameron’s bridal gowns. He also made red carpet gowns for Sienna Miller and Rihanna.

The designer said he, as well, is curious to see Middleton’s choice of design. Also, he said Kate will surely look spectacular as she has a beautiful figure and knows what suits her well.

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress has been filled with months of speculations. Last week, Sophie Cranston’s name rose, but she has ruled herself out as well. The designer said Kate would definitely not wear one of her creations as she walks down the Abbey’s aisle.

Yet, two of the favourites have already said they have not designed Kate’s bridal gown and nearly everyone has run out of ideas. It seems that the public has to wait a few more hours to find out the designer’s top-secret identity, or not.

Meanwhile, details for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding are all set. The newly-weds are expected to appear on the balcony at the Buckingham palace and seal a kiss in front of millions of viewers worldwide.

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Synthes Confirmed Johnson & Johnson Bargain to Purchase its Company

Synthes Inc. has confirmed Tuesday that it is in negotiations with Johnson & Johnson for its possible takeover. The alleged agreement is rumored worth nearly $20 billion, probably the largest deal J&J will commit in its history.

However, Synthes refuses to provide additional information until a precise agreement has been reached or negotiations have been closed with the American pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturer, the company said on Monday.

Johnson & Johnson, which was involved in a legal suit in 2010, is still gaining confidence after more than 50 of its products were pulled off in the market. Because of that, some believes J&J might face some problems on how they can prove to some investors that they are already capable of managing big acquisitions.

There have been several months of speculations regarding J&J’s talks with British device manufacturer, Smith & Nephew. On Monday, Smith & Nephew’s stock dropped 3 percent in London trading, the company’s largest one-day decline for three months.

Speculations will end once the $20 billion agreement pursues between J&J and Synthes, the largest manufacturer of devices used to treat trauma, as well as bone fractures.

Synthes is expected to provide New Jersey-based Johnson & Johnson a line of surgical power tools, hip scews and equipment used to treat soft-tisse and spinal injuries. This will certainly boost the American company’s shares in the trauma care market.

Johnson & Johnson refused to comment about the negotiations. J&J’s stock stock, which has dropped 7 percent in the past 12 months, fell 10 cents to $60.46 in New York.

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Chris Brown Apologizes after ‘GMA’ Tantrum

Singer Chris Brown has apologized in the public a day after his backstage rampage during his “Good Morning America” interview and performance at ABC News Studio.

The rhythm and blues singer alleged that he got angry with the interview because it went further than the discussion points his side had submitted, which was something that is denied by ABC News.

Brown said he was disappointed in his behavior and he wanted to apologize to anyone he offended. He said he did not hurt anyone at Good Morning America backstage. However, he just had to relieve the anger he felt inside of himself.

The singer got angry after he was asked questions about the domestic violence he was involved with his ex-girlfriend and pop singer Rihanna a couple of years ago. He believed the interview would solely focus on his new album.

However, Robin Roberts, host of the “GMA” show, said the singer had agreed to discuss about his past on the morning news and talk show on Tuesday. She said Brown was also aware that questions about Rihanna would be asked in the interview.

The incident occurred after Brown walked back to his dressing room and smashed the window with a chair. He removed his shirt and went out of the building.

Yet, Brown was still invited back to guest at “GMA.” Also, speculations revolve around the media saying Brown might perform on the “Dancing with the Stars” show next week. Representatives of the show said it is inaccurate to say Brown was still “booked” because no booking has been made in the first place.

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iPad 2 to be Sold Online First

iPad 2 online sales firstAfter months of speculations and expectations, the iPad 2 has finally arrived; however, Apple already confirmed that it will be sold online first. A lot of iPad enthusiasts breathe a sigh of relief as this means they can avoid the expected long lines in gadget stores.

If you do not have the patience to wait a couple days for shipping, the Apple iPad 2 will be available in all Apple stores, AT&T, Walmart, Verizon, Target, and Best Buy one day after its online release. Everyone who purchases the latest iPad in Apple retail stores will be delighted with free services; such as, e-mail set-up, applications, and more.

For those who will opt to order iPad 2 directly from the Apple official website, they will be given free shipping and an online exclusive offer of free iPad engraving.

Apple showcased a thinner, lighter and sleeker iPad 2 with a promise of faster performance. The new iPad also has rear and front camera for video chat; something its predecessor lacked. Tech bloggers especially enjoy the extended battery life, which has now reached 10 hours; and its smart cover.

However, iPad 2 fell short of a few people’s expectations. Some complained that the unit does not have a crisp retina screen like that of an iPhone 4; while others noticed that it was not constructed with Corning Incorporated’s Gorilla Glass Display which is a cause of dismay for many.

The 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 is priced at $499 while the 64GB Wi-Fi with 3G unit is sold for $829. The latest innovation in iPad comes in black and white.

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Dolphins Extends Contract with Coach Sparano

The Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano’s contract was extended for two years on Saturday. This means Sparano will still be together with the team until the finish of the 2013 season.

The Dolphins ended the 2009 season with three consecutive losses that gave them a 7-9 record and out for the playoffs for the second consecutive year under the head coach.

Intense speculations over Sparano’s future were all over the media a week before Dolphin’s owner Stephen Ross admitted that he had talked with head coach Jim Harbaugh.

But then, Ross denied the rumors that he had offered Harbaugh the Dolphins head coach job. Harbaugh was then, appointed the coach of San Francisco 49ers on Friday.

Ross told the reporters that his meeting with Harbaugh never got to that point of offering the job. He said that they realized they had the right man in Tony Sparano.

For the past week, Ross said that he may have been naive. He explained that he did not expect his meeting up with the hottest property in college football to make big rumors in the media. He did not think that it would be featured in national news.

Ross apologized, saying that it was a mistake on his part. He said that he should not have been speaking to coaches not unless he decided to make a change.

Sparano was clearly hurt upon hearing the breaking news. He admitted that it had been hard for him to keep his staff updated with the events while he had other responsibilities.

However, he received several text messages and support from the players, as well as the owner saying that he had kept his job. In an interview, the coach said that it was now time for them to put a stronger team.

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Asian Currencies Rise on Growth Outlook with Increasing Exports

Asian currencies have advanced, breaking a two-day decline in the market. Speculations tell that investors will purchase the region’s assets to profit on the world’s fastest growth.

Three Asian currencies, which include Chinese yuan, Malaysian ringgit, and the Singapore dollar, have led gains while Vice Premier Wang Qishan informed today that China has taken action to assist the European Union with its debt crisis.

The developing economies in Asia are expected to grow 8.4 percent in 2011 in comparison to the 2.2 percent growth for advanced economies according to the forecasts made by the International Monetary fund in October.

Apart from that, reports showed yesterday tell that Thailand’s overseas shipments have increased in November.

The JPMorgan Asian-Dollar Index has added 0.2 percent in Hong Kong while Singapore dollar gained 0.3 percent to S$1.3153. Chinese yuan grew 0.21 percent to 6.6603 per dollar and Malaysian ringgit increased 0.3 percent to 3.31370.

For two weeks, the yuan raised the most and that boosted investor’s confidence while situations in the Korean peninsula are less tensed. Bill Richardson, the New Mexico Governor informed that North Korea consented to allow inspectors visit their uranium enrichment facilities.

Taiwan’s dollar neared a 13-year high after information showed export orders increased by 14.3 percent last month from the previous year.

Ringgit, on the other hand, rose from its lowest record in more than two weeks in the hope that a $444 billion government plan will enhance the growth. So far this year, the currency has gotten stronger with 9.1 percent, and it is expected to be the best annul rally since 1973.

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Amazon Planning their Own Applications Store for Android- Wall Street Journal

Amazon.com is said to be launching their applications store for Google Inc’s Android Mobile platform by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

If this will happen, Amazon will be in competetition with other available application stores online from Apple Inc., as well as from Google itself.

Amazon.com is America’s largest online retailer. Just recently, they started selling eBook contents through the Kindle platform. Although few application games have been released for Kindle, an application store that would be used for several Android phones and tablets would benefit the online shopping giant.

The Amazon spokesman, when asked for any feedback regarding the speculations, replied through email that they have not announced anything yet. On the other hand, Google did not mention anything about it. According to the Google spokesman, they do not comment on rumor or speculation.

Amazon has wanted to become a software selling company. Based on the given report from Wall Street Journal, the company only wants a 30% cut of profit. This means, application developers will get a total of 70 percent revenue from sales.

The 70/30 revenue sharing arrangement is actually the same as what Apple uses for its application developers.

Google’s Android Marketplace only has 80,000 applications while Apple’s applications store has more that 270,000 apps to boast.

Android mobile has been gaining popularity around several smartphone users. They have even begun competing with Apple iPhone handset. Several devices are already Android-installed such as Samsung’s Galaxy S and Motorola’s Droid.

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