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Pastor’s Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Resolved

A sexual abuse case filed by four young men against the pastor of their church in Atlanta has been “resolved,” said their attorney on Thursday.

Attorney B.J. Bernstein, the lawyer who represented the young men, did not give details of the said settlement between the two parties. Moreover, Pastor Eddie Long and his church – New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia – did not comment on the news.

Bernstein’s office released a statement saying that the neither the plaintiffs, nor Attorney Bernstein will make comment on the case.

Pastor Long already denied that allegations September of 2010, saying that he has never used his status as a church leader to coerce the young men (in their late teens) to have sex or any relationship with him.

According to the lawsuit, however, Long follows a trend of selecting and isolating a group of young men (all of which are members of their church) and use his authority as a church leader to force them in to having sex with him.

Long’s church started only with 300 members in 1987. Membership, however, increased to at least 25,000 today. When the lawsuit was first filed, the pastor told his church that his battle is akin to David’s situation when he fought Goliath.

The church has a global network of businesses and ministries. It is set inside a campus at the east of Atlanta. They also hosted the funeral of Coretta Scott King, a civil rights leader, in 2006.

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Alleged Rape Victim Still in Custody of Gadhafi’s Brigades

Eman al-Obeidy, the woman who claimed to have been raped and beaten by Moammar Gadhafi’s troops is still in custody, said her mother. This is contrary to the statement the government of Libya released to the press. They said, Sunday, that al-Obeidy has been released and is safe with her family.

Eman’s mother, however, said in an interview Monday with the Al-Jazeera television that she received a call at around 3am from Gadhafi’s compound. They told her to make her daughter Eman al-Obeidy change her statements and she will be released.

The government’s spokesperson Moussa Ibrahim said that they offered the al-Obeidy family an interview with one or two reporters, but they refused. He also said that Eman al-Obeidy is safe, healthy, and free. He, however, refused to take more questions regarding the issue saying that Libya has a very conservative society.

Al-Obeidy’s family said that Eman is a lawyer as opposed to being a mentally ill or a prostitute as the Libyan government initially said about her. The government was quick to re-track this statement and said that she is sane. The father of Eman said that his daughter is mentally healthy, and a lawyer who is taking-up higher education in Tripoli.

Eman’s story began when she emerged in a hotel Saturday, body bruised, saying that she has been held against her will and was raped by 15 men. She said that Gadhafi’s brigades violated her honor. Government officials in the area tried to stop her but she persisted on “telling her story.”

As of the moment, no one can confirm her story as the Libyan government decided to stay mum about the issue.

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Chris Brown Legally Allowed Near Rihanna, Certain Conditions Apply

The court order that had prohibited Chris Brown from getting close to Rihanna has been lifted as of Tuesday. It was two years ago when a restraining order was filed against the R&B singer after he had a domestic violence occurance with his ex-girlfriend just before the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Judge Patricia Schnegg from Los Angeles Superior Court lowered the restraining order which stated that Chris Brown must stay away from Rihanna for about 50 yards, or 10 yards only during events in the entertainment industry.

On Tuesday, Judge Schnegg replaced it with a level one order. This is a less stern order that allows Brown to come closer to Rihanna, but with certain conditions.

Brown is allowed to speak to the female artist and songwriter, but he is prohibited to harass or annoy Rihanna. Judge Schnegg said she is approving the order. However, she told Brown that he cannot annoy, harass or even put Rihanna under his surveillance.

Although Rihanna was not in court when the order was lifted, her lawyer said that the “Umbrella” and “Rude Boy” singer did agreed to the change.

The 21-year old male artists did not attend the brief hearing held on Tuesday. In 2009, he pleaded guilty beating Rihanna on the night before the Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles. He was punished with five years probation, including a community service. He just completed a domestic violence course that lasted for a year.

Last week, Brown did not attend the Grammy Awards even though he was nominated with three awards. Rihanna, who performed during the show, had four nominations, but failed to win any of them.

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Taylor Swift’s Contract Dispute Continues

Taylor Swift’s case with her ex-manager, Dan Dymtrow continues before a federal judge in New York. Dan Dymtrow filed a lawsuit against the Swifts over a contract dispute last 2007 and the case drags on through today.

The music manager claims that Swift’s parents owe him millions in commissions since he discovered and built Taylor Swift’s career. Taylor Swift was 14 when she signed a contract with Dymtrow in April. Taylor Swift ended her contract in July 2005.

According to Dymtrow, his management made an agreement with Scott and Andrea Swift that he should be paid with 5 to 10 percent commission or more from Taylor’s career in the music industry. However, after introducing Taylor Swift to the industry’s popular names like Scott Borchetta, which is the CEO of Big Machine, they fired him to avoid paying him with the said commission.

Both parties have been battling the case in court. Dymtrow’s attorney, Fernando Pinguelo said that Taylor Swift’s parents kept on delaying his client’s commissions until they got rid of him.

The Swifts claimed in response to Dymtrow’s party that because Dymtrow was not able to obtain the required court approval of him managing Taylor, which is still a minor by that time, they legally ended the contract in 2005. This was months before Taylor signed an agreement with the Big Machine and one year before she released her debut single entitled, “Tim McGraw.”

Paul LiCalsi, Swift’s lawyer said that paying Dymtrow would defeat the entire purpose of the law in New York to protect minors from their signed contracts.

The two parties had already submitted their joint letter to the court hoping they will each prove their case.

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