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Gadhafi’s Daughter Hurls Rebellious Message

Gadhafi’s daughter said Friday that the US airstrikes did not defeat them 25 years ago, they will not pull it off now. The crowd cheered for her as she said this from her father’s compound.

Aisha, Gadhafi’s daughter, pumped her fist in the air while leading her audience from the balcony of the severely damaged compound. Just a few hours earlier, NATO launched an airstrike in Tripoli.

During the NATO foreign ministers meeting, Secretary Hillary Rodham of the United States said that Gadhafi is clearly cutting his international alliance by attacking cities held by rebels. Gadhafi has held the greatest power in Libya for the past 42 years and people would love to see this stop. NATO is one with the rebel forces and would like to see Gadhafi go to end the situation in the country.

Gadhafi has a very long and distressed history with the West. Many believe that he sponsored militant groups in the 80s. Moreover, secret service of Libya is said to be responsible for the Berlin disco bombing in 1986; two American servicemen died in the incident. A little over a week later, the United States launched an air attack in Tripoli and Benghazi. The president’s Bab Aziziyah compound was one of the places that were badly damaged by the bombing. Now, it stands as a museum and a constant reminder of his relationship with the U.S.

Although a lot of protesters want Gadhafi to leave his office, many still believe in him. They gathered and cheered for Aisha as she relieved the bombing in 1986. She said that many children were killed in that incident buy the country survived. She added that Libyans are people that refuse to be defeated.

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Alleged Rape Victim Still in Custody of Gadhafi’s Brigades

Eman al-Obeidy, the woman who claimed to have been raped and beaten by Moammar Gadhafi’s troops is still in custody, said her mother. This is contrary to the statement the government of Libya released to the press. They said, Sunday, that al-Obeidy has been released and is safe with her family.

Eman’s mother, however, said in an interview Monday with the Al-Jazeera television that she received a call at around 3am from Gadhafi’s compound. They told her to make her daughter Eman al-Obeidy change her statements and she will be released.

The government’s spokesperson Moussa Ibrahim said that they offered the al-Obeidy family an interview with one or two reporters, but they refused. He also said that Eman al-Obeidy is safe, healthy, and free. He, however, refused to take more questions regarding the issue saying that Libya has a very conservative society.

Al-Obeidy’s family said that Eman is a lawyer as opposed to being a mentally ill or a prostitute as the Libyan government initially said about her. The government was quick to re-track this statement and said that she is sane. The father of Eman said that his daughter is mentally healthy, and a lawyer who is taking-up higher education in Tripoli.

Eman’s story began when she emerged in a hotel Saturday, body bruised, saying that she has been held against her will and was raped by 15 men. She said that Gadhafi’s brigades violated her honor. Government officials in the area tried to stop her but she persisted on “telling her story.”

As of the moment, no one can confirm her story as the Libyan government decided to stay mum about the issue.

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