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Abused Women More Likely to Experience Post-Partum Depression

U.S researchers say that Hispanic women who experience domestic abuse during pregnancy or shortly before getting pregnant have five times increased risk to acquire postpartum depression.

The results of the study imply that violence received from intimate partners is a stronger precursor of postpartum depression instead of prenatal depression. Previously, depression occurring before pregnancy is often considered as the most remarkable risk factor to postpartum depression.

The study was carried out by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles. They selected 210 women from Los Angeles to participate in the study. The respondents were aged 18-years and older, Hispanic in race.

In the study, the researchers found out that those women who underwent domestic violence at some point in their pregnancy or within a year before their pregnancy were 5.4 times more prone to experience postpartum depression. This is in comparison to those who have not experienced recent abuse from intimate partners.

Also, the study revealed that women who have suffered from prenatal depression have 3.5 times increased possibility to get postpartum depression compared to those who have not suffered from prenatal depression.

Postpartum depression, also referred to as postnatal depression, is a type of depression which usually affects woman after childbirth. According to studies report, prevalence rates among women range from 5% to 25%. It often occurs in the first few months and may even last up to a year. Symptoms include fatigue, sadness, anxiety and irritability.

The findings of the study suggest that pregnant woman should be screened for both intimate partner violence and prenatal depression, the researchers said.

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Chris Brown Legally Allowed Near Rihanna, Certain Conditions Apply

The court order that had prohibited Chris Brown from getting close to Rihanna has been lifted as of Tuesday. It was two years ago when a restraining order was filed against the R&B singer after he had a domestic violence occurance with his ex-girlfriend just before the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Judge Patricia Schnegg from Los Angeles Superior Court lowered the restraining order which stated that Chris Brown must stay away from Rihanna for about 50 yards, or 10 yards only during events in the entertainment industry.

On Tuesday, Judge Schnegg replaced it with a level one order. This is a less stern order that allows Brown to come closer to Rihanna, but with certain conditions.

Brown is allowed to speak to the female artist and songwriter, but he is prohibited to harass or annoy Rihanna. Judge Schnegg said she is approving the order. However, she told Brown that he cannot annoy, harass or even put Rihanna under his surveillance.

Although Rihanna was not in court when the order was lifted, her lawyer said that the “Umbrella” and “Rude Boy” singer did agreed to the change.

The 21-year old male artists did not attend the brief hearing held on Tuesday. In 2009, he pleaded guilty beating Rihanna on the night before the Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles. He was punished with five years probation, including a community service. He just completed a domestic violence course that lasted for a year.

Last week, Brown did not attend the Grammy Awards even though he was nominated with three awards. Rihanna, who performed during the show, had four nominations, but failed to win any of them.

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