Abortion Showdown May Cost $4.3 Billion

An anticipated showdown over Indiana’s new law that cuts off funds for the Planned Parenthood organization may check just how far Republican states are willing to go in pushing their anti-abortion agendas. The stakes are high and the costs are even higher.

Indiana is the first state to cut off all funds to Planned Parenthood this year. This is in line with the Republican’s goal of weakening organizations that promote and provide abortion. Many other conservative states have already thought of doing the exact same thing but backed down due to the fear of losing federal money for all their Medicaid programs.

The eagerness of Indiana to stand up to federal government and risk billions of financial penalties could take this issue to uncharted political and legal territory. Republican leaders from other states are closely watching the looming confrontation as they device their own plans on abortion.

Christopher Arterton, a George Washington University professor, said that this is an example of an instance wherein a state is trying to go against national policy and in doing so; they are most likely to forego federal funding.

Is Indiana really willing to risk as much as $4.3 billion in Medicaid funds to stand-up for their right-to-life movement? Many Republicans believe that it is high time that they risk penalties to defend their principles.

On the other hand, many are questioning if the federal government – the Obama administration in particular – is willing to allow low-income families depending on Medicaid to suffer just to punish an insolent state?

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