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Killzone 3 Pre-Orders High Despite Early Torrent Leak

Killzone 3Killzone 3 has made the top 40 in Amazon’s Video game department this week and it has not even been released yet. The latest version of Sony Corp’s flagship first person shooter will be released Tuesday February 22nd and has been doing very well on pre-orders.

Killzone 3 ups the previous 2 versions of the game by use of 3D and the new Move controller system. This latest version will be available in a version fully compatible with Hi-Def 3D TV’s. It also can utilize the Move controller system which debuted last September. Besides that everything about the game is bigger as usual with successive game releases. Bigger stories, longer more elaborate levels and of course a larger arsenal with new weapons.

The game is expected to sell very well despite the fact that European versions of the game where leaked on Torrent sites two weeks ago. The leaked files, which are still available via torrent, will only run on Hacked Sony Playstation 3 systems. Both the standard and the 3D versions where leaked coming in at 22.3GB and 41.4GB respectively.

The pirating of one of Sony’s biggest releases has also pushed them put more resources into shutting down the PS3 hack files which are making piracy possible in the first place.

Sony Corp filed a lawsuit against hacker George Hotz, for exposing and posting files required to hack the Console. While Hotz denies any wrong doing and just wants to give PS3 users full access to their consoles, the hack is what makes piracy possible.

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Bob Sanders Leaves Colts

Bob Sanders, the pro bowl alumni and Safety has been released from his Indianapolis Colts contract.

In 2004 Sanders was chosen by Indianapolis in the second round draft coming from the University of Iowa.

The former pro bowl alum of 2005 and 2007 has had poor luck with injury over the last few years, playing in just 9 regular season games over a 3 year period.

There is no denying that his skills helped get him in the pro bowl twice and helped get the Colts their Super Bowl XLI victory.

Sanders turns 30 on February 24 and plans to continue on in the NFL.  As a free agent, he has the ability to sign immediately with any team that may want to pick him up.

The colts had been working with Bob Sanders to get a new deal in place before the leagues new calendar, but a deal could not be reached, ultimately leading to the decision to release him.

Sanders had already collected 25 million of the 37.5 million deal that he signed with the Colts in 2007.

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Puerto Rico Intends to Protect Recently Discovered Reefs

In south-western Puerto Rico, the ocean floor reveals presence of coral reefs strewn with bright-blue sea squirts and a huge number of other organisms. Their existence gives hope to scientists who have been striving hard to save the island’s endangered ecosystem.

The reefs were newly discovered at a depth reaching up to 500 feet or 152 meters covering an area of 12 miles or 19 kilometers. According to the U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the discovery was part of a mission funded by the central government to conduct research on deep-water corals.

Divers who have enrolled in a one-year training course to reach the deep waters up to 100 feet have noticed the growing reefs and large predators prowling nearby, Richard Appedloorn said, a professor at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez who was also involved in the mission.

Appledoorn said they have stumbled upon a deep underwater landscape that is inhabited by lettuce coral, the lace-like star coral and several species of sponges, including groupers, snappers and reef sharks.

The existence of the reefs suggests that threatened shallow ecosystems in the U.S. Carribean territory may have better than expected chance to survive because flourishing underwater fish species can help restore organisms in more shallow reefs, Appeldoorn said, along with Ernesto Diaz, the director of Puerto Rico’s Coastal Management Program.

Officials in Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands now plan to create the Caribbean Regional Ocean Partnership, an undertaking that seeks to better coordinate the use of coastal water and the execution of conservational programs. Both islands have already submitted a proposal for the partnership to NOAA that is just waiting to be approved.

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Gibson to Miss Game Road Trip with Cavaliers Because of Injury

Cleveland point guard Daniel Gibson will be missing the Cavalier’s upcoming game road trip because of his sprained left ankle, his team said. This incident apparently added to the Cavalier’s last-place problem in the NBA playoffs.

Gibson is the team’s third-leading scorer. He is also a top player when it comes to defending the court. He injured his ankle while playing against Toronto, where they had 120-105 loss, last Wednesday.

The Cavaliers are currently hitting the rock-bottom as forwards Joey Graham and Leon Powe will also be missing the trip because of injury. The five-game road trip will begin on Friday in the Golden State.

The Cavaliers have been struggling since LeBron James left the team during the off-season to join the Miami Heat.

First, they lost ten games in a row. Currently, the team is in the middle of an eight-game losing streak with a crucial five-game road trip to begin.

They played poorly in most of their games. They had the most permeable defense in the season, and they have allowed opponents to make a record-setting number of shots.

Gibson badly injured his ankle and needs to stay in Cleveland to rest and recuperate, according to coach Bryon Scott. Gibson, in his Twitter account, said that his ankle was as “fat as a pterodactyl egg”.

However, it is still unknown for how long his recovery will take.

The Cavaliers already have the worst record in the NBA. They previously had a 10-game losing streak before they defeated the New York Knicks last December 18, which was the team’s last win.

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Avengers Director Confirmed as Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon has finally confirmed that will be directing the upcoming Avengers move slated for release in 2012.

After months of rumors, Whedon fans can take a breath of relief.  The creator of TV series such as Buffy, Firefly and Dollhouse confirmed at this years Comic-Con that he will be directing the feature.

Whedon is well known for directing ensemble casts with great effect.  He has already used the phrase “witty banter” in describing the dialogue that will take place between Avengers.  Whedon’s signature writing and directing styles are character based as opposed to action based.

Also confirmed were Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

The Avengers will bring together myriad of Marvel characters mush the same way the X-Men moves have.  Including Iron man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk and more.

One rumor that was squashed by Whedon is that Nathan Fillion (Firefly) would be playing Ant-Man.  He has confirmed that Ant-Man will not even be in the movie.

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