British Govt Cuts Affect Single Mothers the Most

A new research said single moms will be most affected by the government’s plan to cut benefits and increase taxes. The group will lose about 8.5 percent of their total earnings after tax by the year 2015.

Reduction in public services will also affect single parents worst than any other households since it will cost them the corresponding 18.5 percent of their net earnings. This outcome is more than twice the effect on couples with kids, according to a report made by the Fawcett Society and the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

The study “Single Mothers: Singled Out” investigates the effect of changes in the emergency budget announced by Chancellor George Osborne in June 2010 during the March Budget and Comprehensive Spending Review.

According to the report, lone mothers will be affected by those changes, which include housing benefit cuts, limitation of maternity grants to the eldest child, a 3-year standstill on child benefit, as well as childcare element cut on working tax credit.

The research found that single moms will lose about 8.5 percent of their net earnings in comparison to 7.5 percent for lone fathers, 6.5 percent for couples with kids and around 2.5 percent for couples with no children.

Anna Bird, Fawcett Society’s acting chief executive, said the results of the research are clear that women are suffering the impact of the government cuts. Single mothers are expected to lose one month of their earnings a year once the entire cuts are implemented.

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