Republicans Question Proposals to Push Healthy Eating Habits

Republican members of the House are pushing back against the administration’s efforts to promote healthy eating habits among the youth. They said that the Agricultural Department should tweak the rules they issued on January of this year that forces schools to make healthier lunches. Republicans insist that the ruling is far too costly.

The bill that was submitted by the Republicans further questions the Obama administration’s proposal to decrease the marketing freedom of unhealthy foods to the American youth. Moreover, they want the Food and Drug Administration to curb the rules requiring restaurants to place calorie count in their menus.

If the legislations proposed by the Obama administration will push through, it will cut billions from the FDA and USDA budgets, as well as domestic feeding programs.

Chris Crawford, a Georgia Republican, said that they are concerned about the costs of the administration’s proposals. Also, he said that the proposals may be overregulation. Although the regulation that controls the food products marketed to children is voluntary, a lot of companies are afraid that they may be penalized if they do not comply.

Crawford further said that the guidelines are “back-door-regulations”, pointing out the fact that children can watch violent and sexy TV shows but they cannot see an ad for child-friendly mascots like Tony the Tiger during commercial breaks.

On the other hand, Margo Wootan, a member of an advocacy group that fights for nutritional policies, said that the Republicans’ opinion on the matter is a very clear indication that the important benefits of nutrition policy are undermined.

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