Rocket Barrage Unleashed by Gadhafi on a Rebel City

Misrata received a barrage of rockets and shells on Sunday from Moammar Gadhafi’s forces. Despite the bloody weekend, however, rebel forces said that they drove the pro-government forces from Libya’s third largest city. Doctors said that the battle killed 32 people and wounded more in a matter of two days.

The battle in Misrata has been the focal point of armed rebellion in Libya against Gadhafi because it has become impossible to do it elsewhere. In the past two months, the battle has already claimed countless lives.

Videos and photos of Misrata civilians wounded or killed by Gadhafi’s forces and heavy weaponry have caused the international community to give more forceful interventions to help the rebels. Back in Washington, a couple members of the Senate Armed Services Committee believes that more efforts should be implemented to force Gadhafi out of power. They said that they should increase airstrikes, especially on his inner circle.

In the recent days, however, the rebels’ efforts to push Gadhafi out have gained momentum. Just last week, government snipers were forced out of some buildings within the city. Moreover, rebels gained control of Libyan troops’ last position in Misrata – the main hospital – on Sunday.

25-year old Ali Misbah, a Libyan soldier who was captured during one of the fights, said that Gadhafi’s troops are starting to get disheartened. He even said that their spirits are very low because some of the forces that were supposed to be backing them up left them alone.

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