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Southwest Airlines Cancelled More Flights As Plane Inspections Continue

Seventy flights from Southwest Airlines Co. were canceled on Monday as the inspection of Boeing 737 planes continued. The action was implemented after a Southwest plane with a hole in its fuselage had an emergency landing on Friday.

Southwest’s Flight 812 was supposed to head to Sacramento from Phoenix when a 5-foot long tear opened its fuselage about 20 minutes after it had taken off the airport. Southwest only runs Boeing 737 planes.

Whitney Eichinger, spokeswoman of Southwest Airlines, said seventy flights out of around 3,400 daily flights were canceled on Monday. She said out of seventy-nine older models of Boeing 737-300 that were inspected after the incident last Friday, thirty-three of them had been conferred back to service.

Over the weekend, Southwest Airlines canceled about 600 flights as it inspected 737-300 planes for cracks in fuselage and fatigue. The discount airline said there were cracks found in two other planes.

The Boeing Company has no immediate reply on Monday. According to aviation officials, the aircraft manufacturer is expected to render service bulletin to 737-300 operators all over the world to inspect the planes affected, particularly those of heavy use. Currently, there are about 280 Boeing 737-300s in the United States and a total of 900 around the world.

Analyst James Higgins of Soleil Securities said the cancellations of the Southwest flights might cause the company some revenue loss, However, he doesn’t think the effects of the incident will last.

On Monday morning trading, Southwest’s shares dropped 2.6 percent at $12.34. Meanwhile, shares of Boeing dropped 0.2 percent at $73.84.

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Delta Plane Makes Emergency Landing after Engine Failure in Florida

A flight from Delta Air Lines made an emergency landing over Florida last Sunday when the aircraft experienced an engine failure. Authorities said the plane landed with no injuries to the passengers or crew on board.

The Delta Flight 1846 was a Boeing 737-800. It had 119 passengers, with six crews on board. According to Anthony Black, the Delta spokesman, the plane was bound for Minneapolis. It had an engine failure soon after it took off from the city of Fort Lauderdale at around 7:30 in the morning, local time.

Black said the captain received a warning indicating possible damage to one of its engines while they were taking off. The captain shut down the engine as a precautionary measure and decided to go back to the airport.

In the Fort Lauderdale airport, the plane landed safely and without any incident. The passengers were brought back to the gate while the plane was examined by fire rescue and aircraft officials, said spokesman Allan Siegel from Florida Aviation Department.

Siegel added that representatives from the Broward Country Sheriff’s Office then found several pieces of what seems to be parts of the ruined engine from a particular area around the airport.

The passengers were subsequently transferred to another Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Black said the flight was en route to Minneapolis. However, the replacement craft was not part of the flights going in and out of St. Paul International Airport that were canceled because of immense winter weather in Minneapolis on Sunday.

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