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Is Skype Really Better With Facebook than Google?

As two of the biggest networks battle to gain collaboration with Skype, Facebook is more aggressive than Google. Analysts, however, say that the world’s biggest social network may actually be a better fit.

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that both Google and Facebook are trying to win partnership with Skype separately. Skype is currently the leading web video telephone services used by millions all over the world for cheap online communication.

Two undisclosed sources told Reuters that discussions about partnership are still in the preliminary phase however any deal that will stem out from this assures a joint venture partnership. One of the sources said that any partnership with Skype right now is valued at $3 to $4 billion.

Technology analysts and enthusiasts are rooting on Facebook, saying that the well-loved networking site that will complement Skype by giving it great features it currently lack.

Rory Maher, an analyst from Hudson Square Research, said that there is no doubt that Google will benefit from this partnership, but it is a bit sketchy compared to Facebook. He added that Google already has video and chat capabilities that Skype offers.

Moreover, Maher said that communication is very vital to Facebook and what its users do. It would be very interesting if Skype features will be enjoyed by Facebook users.

Skype was founded on 2003 and just last year, they boast a 124 million clientele. However, only 8.1 million of their total customers pay for their services to make traditional phone calls.

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Nickelodeon Launches Campaign Against Bullying

Nickelodeon launched its campaign against bullying, particularly digital bullying. The TV network is the most-watched channel among kids and they began Monday on-air public-service messages aimed to stop bullying. Some of its biggest stars offered pieces of advice on what kids should do when faced with bullies.

Ashley Argota and Gage Golightly both said that teens that are attacked online should not reply to hurtful messages and just turn off the computer. Golightly further said that kids should also make a copy of those antagonistic messages and show them to an adult. That is the best way to “stand up for yourself”, she said. Miranda Cosgrove, lead cast member of ICarly is also part of this campaign which is expected to last for at least two years.

The problem gained attention when teenagers committed suicide after being cyberbullied. Earlier this month, President Barack Obama held a conference in the White House addressing the concerns regarding bullying.

A survey conducted by MTV and The Associated Press in 2009 showed that 50% of people from age 14 to 24 are victims of cyberbullying. The aim of this campaign is to fight bullying the same way we are fighting against people who drive under the influence. Right now, there are no concrete laws against bullying, cyber or not.

Nickelodeon is in collaboration with Common Sense Media in their fight against teenage bullying. Discussion boards about bullying will also be prominently featured on Nick’s website. The discussion board will cater to parents who are interested

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Amazon Launches Android Appstore, Apple Issues Trademark Complaint

Amazon.com officially opened its Android Appstore on Tuesday. The store offers thousands of free and paid software applications for tablet computers and smartphones running Google’s Android operating system.

However, Apple Inc issued a trademark complaint against the largest online retailer in United States. Apple decided that the name of Amazon’s online application store is just too similar with their App Store.

The Amazon Appstore offers features that challenge Google’s own Android Market. It allows users to test applications that they are interested with a simulated Android phone. The simulated phone can be accessed through the computer using a mouse. Amazon calls it the “Test Drive.”

The company, in collaboration with Rovio Mobile, also offers another perk to its users through their Appstore. The Angry Birds Rio for Android will be launched exclusively at their Appstore. This allows customers to download the app for free, but only for a limited time. Amazon will also launch ad-free versions exclusively for Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons.

In 2008, Apple made an application to register the name “App Store” as a trademark in the United States. It has even attracted legal challenge from Microsoft Inc. Today, the application is still under consideration at the Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple wanted Amazon to stop using the name. It said consumers might be confused whether Amazon’s application store is approved or sponsored by Apple.

Amazon software developers will get 70 percent of the sales. However, the company will set the prices for each application. There are about 3,800 applications available in the site now. It can be downloaded through a mobile app or through the web interface.

Currently, Amazon Appstore is only available in the United States.

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