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Will the Royal Bride Sign a Prenup?

It would be wise for the prince, who is next in line to the throne, to prepare a prenuptial agreement with bride-to-be Kate Middleton, British lawyers said. They even left the prince with a warning that not all fairy tales end in happy ever after.

James Stewart, a divorce lawyer, said that if the prince will base it on statistics, it is really best to sign a prenup. Stewart handled the divorce case between Guy Ritchie and Madonna.

The royal family of Britain is unfortunately plagued by many failed messages. Queen Elizabeth II’s three children come from failed marriages and Prince William’s uncle, Charles Spencer, went through divorce twice. The office of Prince William did not comment on this issue, however.

Prenuptial agreements are certainly common in the U.S., but that is not the case in Britain. This only became acceptable in British courts after London was tagged as the divorce capital of the world.

Stewart mentioned that all the members of the Royal family, royal and regal as they are, must understand that they are still commoners in the eyes of U.K. law. Their huge trust funds should be enough to push them to straighten out the details of their finances before they tie the knot.

A prenup may be perceived as an opposition to the idea that when you say “until death do us part”, it means forever. However, Professor Matthew Brundson Tully said that we should not and could not ignore the statistics.

Prince William’s camp is still silent about the possibility of a prenuptial agreement.

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