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Kanye West Looks like He’s not Invited to Several Fashion Shows

Kanye West denied entry to fashion week showsAs it turns out, there ARE parties that Kanye West isn’t invited to. The Chicago rapper, who flew many miles to Paris for Fashion Week, was allegedly turned away from several fashion events. During the entire length of fashion week, Kanye was seen attending several fashion shows such as Givenchy, Westwood and Valentino, however, his absence was also noted at the rest of the fashion shows. And the reason behind that is his lack of an invitation to the events.

He was suppose to check out the latest fashion from Louis Vuitton but he was denied entry because of his lack of an invitation.The New York Post cited that organizers are tired of uninvited celebrities crashing in and anticipating royal treatment. KCD, the show organizers who handled Alexander McQueen; Balmain and Louis Vuitton shows were strict in their entrance hence it was rumored that West was having trouble getting in.

“Kanye has been a welcome guest at several events that KCD has managed over the years. Several designers chose to have smaller shows this season and therefore chose to not invite celebs in order to accommodate press and buyers.” A KCD representative told the Post.

A representative from Balmain said that Kanye requested access to the show however; they let him know that they wouldn’t be able to accommodate him. Instead of retreating, he chose to come to the door. Kanye also strutted his way in to Alexander McQueen’s show. “He did not make a request to attend, but he came uninvited”, said the McQueen representative. While the only words that Vuitton representative would say was “Kanye remains a great friend of the house”, though he wasn’t seen at the event nor he was invited either.

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Apple Likely to Reveal New iPad on March 2

Apple Inc. will hold an invitation-only event next week in San Francisco. Media speculations have appeared Tuesday saying Apple’s March 2nd event will unveil its second-generation iPad.

The multinational company established in Cupertino, California has already sent out invitations for the media event. Suspicions about the nature of the event are held liable by the “double meaning” graphics portrayed in the invitation.

The invitation shows a front calendar page that emphasizes the number “2”. The upper right hand corner of the invitation can be peeled away to reveal an image of the Apple iPad underneath.

Rumors say the large number “2” on the front page can either signify the date of the event or a hint that one of the largest computer companies in the world will release its second iPad product.

Only guests who have received the invitation can attend the event. It will be held at Yerba Buena Center of the Arts Theater located in San Francisco. Registration starts at 9:00 a.m., but the main event will start at 10:00 a.m. Guests are also advised to arrive early.

The actual details of the iPad 2 were not disclosed. However, various rumors have already circulated about the original iPad sequel. According to reports, the new iPad will have a front-face camera that will allow users to carry out video chats using special services such as Skype.

With video chat applications, the iPad’s design would appear closely related to the iPhone 4, which is also built with a front-face camera and installed with FaceTime video chatting software. Others said iPad 2 will look thinner and lighter in comparison to the first Apple tablet.

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