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Obama Announces Long-Term Plan

A long term plan, which is likely to offer solution on the budget deficit reduction, is being proposed by President Obama on Wednesday. In his speech, Obama is likely to ask for a “shared sacrifice,” which involves budget cuts and taxes to solve the country’s national debts.

An even larger budget fight awaits President Barrack Obama and the leaders from the the Democratic and Republican parties in the Congress on Monday, just few days after a nearly narrow escape from a possibly harmful federal government shutdown.

For the next few months, conflicts are expected to arise in the political regime and would most probably highlight President Obama’s race in the re-election in 2012. This would likely outshine the $38 billion spending cut for the last six months of this year.

Representative Eric Cantor, the no. 2 Republican in the House of Representatives said the spending cut agreed this week is only the start of what he called the first bite of the apple. Several Republicans, who made out big in the last November elections, are doubtful of President Obama’s sincerity on the debt reduction.

On his interview with Fox news, Cantor said it is difficult to trust what the Obama administration is saying or what it is going to say.

Obama’s said plan will investigate savings in the area of defense spending, as well as the state-run Medicare, including Medicaid programs for the health of the poor and elderly people. This aims to cut the $1.4 trillion yearly financial deficit said Senior White House adviser David Plouffe.

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LA Judge Grants Charlie Sheen and Wife a Divorce

A Los Angeles judge granted Charlie Sheen and wife a divorce last Thursday. However, they still have to wait three months until it becomes official.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Sheen both filed divorce petitions in court last November 2010. They stated December 25, 2009 the day they broke up, which was the date Charlie Sheen was detained in Colorado because of alleged domestic violence against his wife.

Judge Hank Goldberg used Charlie Sheen’s petition in court. He approved Sheen’s divorce petition against his wife. However, since divorces in California can only become legal once six months have passed, the former couples still have to wait until May 2 for them to become legally separated.

Before their wedding in May 2008, the Sheens made a prenuptial agreement that required Charlie Sheen to compensate Brooke Sheen an amount in excess of $750,000. Court record shows the actor will keep their home in Hollywood Hills, but other royalties will be divided to both parties.

Legal custody of their twin sons will be shared. Brooke Sheen has been granted with physical custody while considerable visitation time is given for the actor. Charlie Sheen is obliged to pay $55,000 per month for child support based on the agreement filed in court.

The verdict comes after several chaotic months for the actor. His show “Two and a Half Men” was postponed while he received treatment for conditions not specified. He has been admitted in the hospital three times in the past months.

The actor has expressed gratitude to his fans and employers for their continued support. He is hoping to begin taping “Men” later this month, his spokesman said.

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