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Mother versus Michigan Because of Daughter’s Medications

Maryanne Godbolo’s frustration over her daughter’s physical impairment led to a 12-hour standoff when police officers came to take her daughter away. She also lashed out on what Godbolo considers to be inappropriate state interference on her child’s medical care.

When the 12-hour standoff ended, Godbolo was in handcuffs and her child was placed in a children’s psychiatric hospital.

Godbolo is in a battle with the Department of Human Services of Michigan over her right as a mother to determine whether or not her daughter should continue receiving an anti-psychotic drug called Risperdal. The agency insists that it is one of the government’s responsibilities to protect children’s welfare even if it is against their parents.

Godbolo refuses to trust doctors as she blames them for some of her child’s medical problems. She says that some of her daughter’s illnesses could be due to physician negligence and possible complications from childhood immunizations. She, however, did not name her daughter’s doctors and did not provide the press a copy of her daughter’s medical records.

Godbolo insists that her daughter responds better to treatments that do not include the anti-psychotic drug Risperdal. On the other hand, the state firmly stands by its belief that without the ideal medical attention and treatment, Ariana (Godbolo’s daughter) is at risk.

Ariana stayed in a psychiatric facility for a month following her mother’s confrontation with the police and is now currently staying with her aunt, Godbolo’s sister.

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