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Radiation Levels in the Air Falls in Japan

Japan After the TsunamiThe radiation levels in the air outside the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant continue to fall. The world nuclear agency said on its website that radiation levels continue to decrease. However, people are still concerned as radiation levels remain high in waters in two different locations.

A representative of the company operating the nuclear plant – Tokyo Electric Power Company – said that water samples from reactors 1 and 2 showed high levels of radiation. What is even more disturbing is that radiation levels from water samples of reactor 3 are twice as high. Some analysts say that the radiation levels in reactor number 3 suggest a possible leakage from the reactor’s core.

Work around reactor number 3 has been stopped after some men have accidentally stepped on contaminated water. Those men were exposed to around 175 millisieverts of radiation. Just to give you an idea of how high this is, people who work in highly industrialized areas generally receive 3 millisieverts of radiation every year. After having been admitted for four days in a hospital in Chiba, the men simply had injuries that can be akin to really bad sun damage.

Experts have over and over said that reactor number 3 is their main concern because among all reactors, it is the only one that has used uranium and plutonium fuel which is more dangerous than pure uranium fuel.

Nishiyama accepted that they had a difficult time controlling the pressure and temperature within the reactors. However, they have declared reactor number 1 to be stable Friday.

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