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Makers of BlackBerry Slashed Sales Forecast

The makers of the famous Blackberry, Research in Motion Ltd., said on Thursday that they have slashed their sales forecast for this quarter because they saw a significant decline in their sales. They further said that they are selling cheaper and less phones than they originally expected.

Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of the company said that the decrease in sales is due greatly on the delay of the release of their high-end phones. He also confirmed that the company is transitioning to a new line of phones.

In a conference, Balsillie told reporters that the company is in the process of shifting over to a new product line. The co-CEO said he, along with the rest of the company, is very excited for the upcoming changes. They are committed to strategies that will yield long term results.

This is the second hit on their stocks in a month. On the 24th of March they announced that they are expecting total sales of $1.47 to $1.55 per share for this quarter. That is lower than what analysts predicted earlier this year. On Thursday, they further lowered the range to $1.30 to $1.37. The company also confirmed that they will also lower the number of shipment to around 13.5 million.

Balsillie promised that the company will amaze everyone during their Orlando, Florida World Conference. Analysts take Balsillie’s word as BlackBerry has been strongly trusted for providing email devices. However, they are still yet to keep up with Apple’s iPhones and other Android phones.

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Diabetes May Cause Cancer

Diabetes is already tagged as one of the silent killers because it is linked to various complications such as kidney failure. Now, evidences that diabetes can also be linked to cancer are emerging.

A recent study reported that women with diabetes have generally increased their risk of developing cancer by 8 per cent. Men, on the other hand have 9 per cent higher risk of having cancer (excluding prostate cancer).

Moreover, the study found out that the possibility of dying from cancer will increase significantly if you have diabetes.

On a lighter note, the same study concluded that diabetes can be related to the decreased incidence of prostate cancer among men. Reasons behind this are still unclear but the researcher’s data indicated that if you include cancer of the prostate on the mix, men’s chances of getting cancer from diabetes is reduced by 4 per cent.

Lead author Gabriel Lai will present the study before the American Association for Cancer Research on Sunday in Orlando, Florida. Research findings are still thought of as preliminary studies until they are published in a journal.

The study participant’s diabetes was self-reported. Also, the researchers did not indicate whether it is Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2. Furthermore, the study did not indicate information about diabetes management and the kind of medication the participants took. The study head, Gabriel Lai, however said that most of the participants have Type 2 Diabetes as it is more common than the other type.

As of the moment, it is still unclear whether it is the illness per se that is causing the increase risk of cancer, or the medication connected herewith.

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