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Chinese Hackers Attacked Gmail

Chinese computer hackers broke into a lot of Gmail accounts, including US government officials and military personnel, said Google Incorporated on Wednesday.

The hacker attacks are not believed to be linked to a similar, yet more sophisticated, assault from China in 2009. The latest attack appeared to have relied heavily on “phishing” scams that many hackers use to get passwords from unsuspecting people.

Google took pride in their security measures for detecting the intrusion in a timely manner. Their system was able to disrupt the hacker attack and all the victims have been notified. In addition, their Gmail accounts have been secured.

Google refused to confirm if any top secret information were tampered during the breach or which specific department of the United States Government was attacked. The company only said that among the hundreds of user accounts that have been hacked are Chinese political activists, journalists, military personnel and officials in several other countries but mainly South Korea.

Google said that they have traced the origin of the hacker attacks and confirmed that it is from Jinan, China. Jinan is the location of a vocational school whose computers were allegedly used to hack Google computer systems over a year ago. More than 20 US companies were also included in the said attack.

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Cahill Scored Twice, Australia Wins Over India at the Opening of the Asian Cup

Tim Cahill scored twice during the Asian Cup opening held at Doha, Qatar on Monday. This gave Australia a strong 4-0 score and as they won against India in the group C match.

The star of Everton opened the game with a score in the 11th minute as he hit the ball into the net while positioned near the post after a simple cross from Brett Emerton.

Harry Kewell of Galatasary increased their advantage twice with a fine and long-range strike in the middle of the first half. That was his 14th goal for the Socceroos. Emerton scored the third goal just before halftime along with another cross from the right which was received by the head of Brett Holman.

India struggled hard to keep up with the game. They tried to stop Socceroos’ goals, but Cahill added their fourth goal after they returned from half time. He made his second as he rose well from a pinpoint cross made by Luke Wilkshire.

It was a truly great start for Holger Osieck and his men, whom four years ago had failed during their first appearance in the Asian Cup with a goalless draw against Oman. They also failed in their game against Iraq before they went to Japan on penalties during the quarterfinals.

Rank outsiders India, led by Englishman Bob Houghton are currently making their first appearance in the Asian Cup for 27 running years. They overlook their strength against an Australia team that consisted of several English Premier League regulars.

Later Monday, South Korea and Bahrain were playing to open their Asian Cup campaigns for the group C match.

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