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School Spankings to be Stopped by Online Activism

The social media has become a worldwide phenomenon and many challenge it to support a cause and make a difference.

Marc Ecko, a world-renowned designer, took on this challenge. He launched Unlimited Justice, his campaign to stop corporal punishments in schools, and has brought it online.

This campaign is a perfect example of how the Internet has changed the face of modern activism. Online activism has received both praises and activism. Many perceive it as a hero that promotes social good.

However, many also believe that it promotes “slacktivism” or a lazy approach to activism. Social media has been coined innovative and many are impressed by this technology, but many also think it makes people lazy and apathetic.

Despite the attacks, many still support online activism because of its huge overall impact to whatever cause an organization is fighting for. Also, although online activism requires less physical efforts as going out on the streets, many officials consider it as a campaign that holds a lot of weight.

As a perfect example of how effective online activism is, Ecko’s Unlimited Justice is said to be thanked for New Mexico’s legislation that bans corporal punishment in schools.

Many think that corporal punishment had long been abolished in the United States school system, but this is sadly not the case. Spanking and even paddling is still highly practiced in states like Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas. Only 30 states have abolished US Supreme Court decision in 1977 saying that corporal punishment in schools is lawful.

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