Wristbands Track Your Move for Health

Having a personal trainer does wonders for your health. Regardless if you have a human or a robotic trainer, you will certainly lose more weight with a trainer than on your own. The low point happens after you step out of the gym and you go back to your couch and old eating habits. Because of this, Jawbone – manufacturer of most Bluetooth headsets – released Up. Up are wristbands that track your physical activity whenever worn. It uses a new built-in vibration and motion sensor technology.

The wristbands are due to be released later this year and it will be tied to a smartphone application. Within the application you can log and keep track of your eating habits by taking a picture of your meal. The application will then compute the nutritional and total caloric content of your food. This application will then provide you an analysis of your lifestyle; your eating habits against your physical activity. It also comes with pep talks to push you to improve your current health habits.

With our present level of technology, there are rarely enough innovations directed towards health improvement. When Nintendo Wii, the industry started to see how the gaming and exercise industry could merge. The Up technology wants to provide a comprehensive picture of your health from the moment you wake up to when you fall asleep.



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