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Facebook Linked to Teen Depression

A group of influential doctors said that “Facebook depression” may now be added to the list of potential risks associated with social media. They said that obsession to this online site will most likely exacerbate teenage depression. However, some researchers argue that it cannot be considered a separate diagnosis, but rather an extension of the despair teens feel.

Dr. Gwenn O’Keeffe, pediatrician and author, said that the concept of Facebook makes it extra difficult for teenagers who already have self-esteem issues. Because almost everyone posts real-time status updates and photos of them having a great time, Facebook can cause some kids to feel left out and “out of the loop.”

She further said that not being among the “in group” in Facebook is more devastating than eating alone in a cafeteria or other real high school encounters that causes depression to teenagers. She said this because social media gives people a twisted idea of what really goes on in real life.

Abby Abolt, a 16-year old sophomore, said that she is not personally affected by the drama facebook causes but she can totally understand why this can pose a threat to other teenagers like her.

Right now, many pediatricians urge parents to monitor their kids’ online activities so that cyber bullying, Facebook depression, and even “sexting” are avoided.

Gaby Navarro, an 18-year old senior student said that Facebook can be a worldwide platform for bullying. Some kids posted snotty remarks on her friend’s Facebook wall and so she can really imagine how huge of an impact Facebook has on some kids.

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New Beatles Memorabilia Museum Opens in Buenos Aires

Thousands of objects related to the “Fab Four” are inviting Beatles fans to a newly built museum in Buenos Aires. These items include a brick from The Cavern Club, an “authentic” Beatles wig, and a check for 11 pounds signed by Ringo Starr.

Rodolfo Vasquez, a 53 year-old accountant gave rise to this “Beatlemania” museum. He became a fan at an early age of ten when he acquired the “Rubber Soul” record. He said he fell in love with the Beatles because of their song “In my Life.”

Vasquez took all of the memorabilia that he could find about the most famous rock band in history. It was a serious obsession that got bigger until he made it into the Guinness World of Records as the person having the world’s largest collection in 2001.

Guinness recorded a total of 5,612 items kept in his home’s attic in Buenos Aires. Since then, his collection has grown to over 8,500 gadgets, records, games and puppets.

About 2,200 of these precious pieces are on the shelves in the Memorabilia museum that recently opened a month ago along Avenue Corrientes where several tourists go.

The storefront museum in Buenos Aires rise among other museums because of its complete number of pieces, delicately arranged in display cases and shelves on the walls. It consists of several objects that will suite anyone’s preferences.

Vasquez said the idea of the museum is to show his collection permanently and change the items on display with others every year. Otherwise, he said it would be all kept in the boxes and trunks without anyone being able to enjoy them.

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Pierre Cardin says Fashion Changes Much Too Fast These Days

Designer Pierre Cardin alleged that fashion designers these days change styles so fast that makes it more difficult to create couture designs that will last for several years. He believes that this is partly due to releasing collections twice a year.

The 88-year-old French fashion designer was attending a show co-sponsored by a well known department store in Tokyo when he said that the business is now much harder for fashion designers than during the time when he first started the industry about 60 years ago.

In his interview, he said that there were still very few designers at the end of the war. Today, there are several designs in every country, around the world. Thus, it is impossible to create new designs ever year, but instead every six months.

Nowadays, the fashion trends are getting crazier, more beautiful and fantastic on the eyes. However, designers are not creating fashion styles for tomorrow. He added that there is a lot of fashion today, but later on, in about four to five years, it’s gone.

When Cardin launched his own label in 1950, he was informed that what he was doing was impossible. It was his belief in himself and the obsession that pushed him through.

For him, his work is like an addiction, which made him able to do it for a very long time.

Pierre Cardin has become a popular name on several products around the world, ranging from fashion design clothing to alarm clocks. Cardin, a Western couturier was the first to turn to Japan as a high market in fashion during the late 1950s.

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